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Fibocom to Unveil a Series of Linux-based Edge AI Solutions Mastering the Peak Performance for Industrial Applications Powered by Qualcomm Technologies at Embedded World 2024

NUREMBERG, Germany, April 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Fibocom (Stock code: 300638), a global leading provider of IoT (Internet of Things) wireless solutions and wireless communication modules, in collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies Inc., a global leading semiconductor company, is proud to announce the launch of their cutting-edge Linux-based edge AI solutions which integrates a series of Qualcomm Technologies-powered Fibocom smart modules.

This new series of solutions utilize a wide array of Fibocom's smart modules SC171, SC171L, SC138, and SC126 series that are developed based on the Qualcomm® QCM6490/QCS6490, Qualcomm® QCM5430/QCS5430, Qualcomm® QCM6125, and Qualcomm® QCM2290 processors from Qualcomm Technologies with integrated Linux system, will unleash the peak performance of Linux-based industrial applications with robust connectivity and scalable operating system compatibility, and also accelerate the integration of advanced 5G, edge AI across emerging industries like robotics. With the expansion of digitalized industries, Fibocom will intensify the Linux-focused embedded computing intelligence, and leverage expertise in edge AI inclusion to help industry customers realize responsive decision-making, real-time communication and ultra-reliable system interoperability in industrial automation, smart manufacturing, smart retailing through the partnership.

At the "heart" of Industry 4.0, interoperability is crucial for operators to get insights into the equipment's performance in the field. This groundbreaking series solutions is poised to advance the industrial applications that demand wireless connection, high-integration expertise with design-in Linux operating system for easy integration, and long-term product lifecycle optimization. By adopting Linux-supported Fibocom's smart modules, Linux engineers around the world have the ability to develop industrial devices such as industrial PCs (IPCs), edge AI workstations, smart POS terminals, and industrial routers with higher efficiency as well as potent multimedia processing capabilities.

Harnessing the interoperability of the Linux operating system, industry-focused customers catered to the benefits below:

  • Utilizing the stability and reliability of the Linux system, the Linux-based edge AI solutions integrated with Qualcomm Technologies-powered smart modules ease the concerns of diverse system integration to industrial control systems and enable the 24/7 data transmission and management of industrial equipment with minimum risk of malfunction and downtime.
  • The Linux-based Edge AI Solutions are highly flexible and customizable compatible with industrial standards, and can be widely deployed in industrial PCs (IPCs), industrial cameras, edge AI workstations, smart POS terminals, and robotics.
  • Inherently beneficial from the robust feature and open-source nature of the Linux operating system, the solutions allow equipment manufacturers to safeguard product development and management with long-term upgradable support through the entire lifecycle.

Fibocom Unveils Intelligent Lawn Mower Robotic Solution with Linux-based Smart Module SC171 Integrated

The lawn mower robotic solution is a highly integrated solution equipped with Fibocom smart module SC171 and edge AI algorithm, empowering lawn mowers with unparalleled capabilities in environmental perception, precise positioning, map construction, path planning, autonomous obstacle avoidance, and seamless wireless connectivity. The revolutionary lawn mower robotic solution enables the autonomous navigation of the lawn mower without using boundary cables, significantly transforming the lawn mower industry. The core of this robotic solution lies in the AI-based lawn recognition algorithm, equipped with outdoor cameras, to achieve accurate detection and efficient planning of the lawn boundaries. It is worth mentioning that the solution also includes responsive obstacle avoidance and automatic recharging, in addition to the mapping function and an "edge-cutting mode" to facilitate precise mowing even at the sidelines. By deploying the solution, it will enhance the operational efficiency of the lawnmowers and reduce the time-to-market of lawn mower's massive deployment in the global marketplace.

"We are proud to collaborate with Fibocom to help them develop these Linux-based edge AI solutions for industrial applications," said Dev Singh, Vice President of Business Development and Head of building, enterprise & industrial automation at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. "By utilizing Fibocom's smart modules and Qualcomm Technologies' powerful processors, Fibocom are enabling the integration of advanced edge AI technologies, empowering industries with responsive decision-making and real-time communication capabilities."

"We have a clear vision for the edge AI-enabled future, and with the collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, we will continue building the Linux-based edge AI-driven core solution for industrial-focused markets," said Ralph Zhao, VP of MC BU at Fibocom. "The first landed implementation in the robotic industry has infused confidence into the utilization of both Fibocom and Qualcomm Technologies' strength to empower an intelligent, future-promising digitalized world.­­"

For more information, we welcome you to visit Fibocom's booth 3-222 in hall 3 in Nuremberg, Germany during Embedded World 2024!

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Fibocom is a global leading provider of wireless communication modules and solutions as well as the first wireless communication module provider listed on China A-shares stock market (stock code: 300638). Fibocom offers a one-stop solution for industry customers by integrating wireless communication modules and IoT solutions. With over two decades of engagement in M2M and IoT communication technology and extensive expertise, we are capable of bringing reliable, convenient, secure and intelligent connectivity service to every industry, enriching smart life with a perfect wireless experience. Fibocom's product portfolio ranges from cellular modules (5G/4G/3G/2G/LPWA), automotive-grade modules, AI modules, android-smart modules, GNSS modules and antenna service. Together, we aim to empower digital transformation across industries such as ACPC (Always Connected PC), mobile broadband, smart retail, C-V2X, robotics, smart energy, IIoT, smart cities, smart agriculture, smart home, telemedicine, etc.

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