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The Best Class 4 Laser Therapy Machine Takes Center Stage at The 55th Dusseldorf International Hospital and Medical Equipment Exhibition in 2023

DUSSELDORF, Germany, Nov. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Rhein Laser Technologies Ltd., a prominent manufacturer specializing in innovative medical lasers for aesthetic and physiotherapy markets with operations in Wuhan and Dusseldorf, has garnered widespread acclaim and attention from industry professionals at the exhibition in Germany. This innovative showcase includes Smart/Smart Ice laser therapy system, PowerCure/PowerCure Pro handheld home laser device, and SWAVE-200 electromagnetic shock wave therapeutic apparatus.

In the realm of pain relief, the Smart/Smart Ice laser therapy system caters to the diverse needs of those enduring discomfort. With its innovative use of four wavelengths (635nm/810nm/915nm/980nm), the device penetrates up to 15 cm into subcutaneous tissue. It boasts a higher power range of 30-60W. The top-selling Smart Ice Laser Therapy System was widely embraced at this medical expo. Numerous attendees eagerly sought to explore and try the product, resulting in a flood of positive reviews.

At the exhibition, the PowerCure/PowerCure Pro handheld laser device stands out as a preferred Low-level Laser Therapy (LLLT) solution. With its compact design, the product has garnered significant favor from attendees. Emphasizing both portability and safety, the device utilizes 808nm and 650nm low-level diode lasers with a power range of up to 1060mW/1300mW. PowerCure/PowerCure Pro laser enables customers to easily self-administer treatments at home.

Furthermore, a multitude of attendees sought information about the SWAVE-200 at the exhibition. Having personally experienced the shock wave treatment, many expressed satisfaction, noting the absence of discomfort during the process. Surprisingly, this brief therapy significantly alleviated their longstanding pain issues. It effectively treats tendinopathy across the musculoskeletal system. The Shockwave therapeutic apparatus delivers effective relief within a mere 10 minutes of therapy. Moreover, the SWAVE-200 achieves an impressive 10 million shots.

According to Dr. Yang Lin, the founder of Rheinlaser, numerous attendees have expressed satisfaction with our products and shown a strong desire to make purchases. Many dealers are eagerly anticipating the presence of Rheinlaser at The 56th Dusseldorf International Hospital and Medical Equipment Exhibition in 2024, hoping that we will continue to bring innovative physiotherapy equipment and technology. As the exhibition comes to a close and Christmas approaches, Rheinlaser is gearing up to roll out exciting promotions for buyers worldwide. Visit the website for the latest updates.

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