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Noster research: NOSTER and Science Microbiome Prize Symposium and Award Ceremony Honor Young Researchers' Novel Contributions

KYOTO, Japan, Oct. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- NOSTER Inc and Science, the prestigious academic journal, joined forces to host the NOSTER and Science Microbiome Prize Symposium and the 4th prize award ceremony on October 5th and 6th in Kyoto, Japan. The events brought together leading scientists and experts from around the globe to recognize and celebrate grand prize winner Sara Clasen of the Max Planck Institute for Biology, as well as finalists Christoph A. Thaiss, University of Pennsylvania, and Christopher Stewart, University of Newcastle.

The NOSTER & Science Microbiome Prize rewards innovative research from young investigators studying how microbiota has the potential to contribute to our understanding of health and disease, or to guide novel therapeutic interventions. The Japanese company NOSTER established this award in 2020 in partnership with Science and its publisher, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

The symposium on 5 October was held at NOSTER's R&D Headquarters and featured an engaging panel discussion about the prize winners' research. Participants talked about the latest advancements in understanding the complex interactions between microbial communities and their hosts, innovative research methodologies, and potential applications in medicine and sports.

The prize award ceremony and celebration banquet were held October 6th at the historic Shosei-en Garden, Higashi Honganji. After careful consideration by a panel of judges that included the editors of Science, Dr. Sara Clasen of the Max Planck Institute was selected as the Grand Prize winner. Participants included Gilda A. Barabino, Chair, AAAS Board of Directors; Sudip Parikh, Chief Executive Officer, AAAS; Bill Moran, Publisher of the Science Family of Journals; Caroline Ash, Senior Editor, Science; and Kohey Kitao, CEO NOSTER Inc. Dr. Jeffrey Gordon, a leading expert in microbiome research, and Dr. Satoshi Omura, Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, congratulated the winners.

Research on gut microbiota is growing globally due to the emergence of new analysis methods and technological advancements, allowing us to better understand the connections between a variety of diseases and the gut microbiome. With continued advancements in this field, there is great hope for the development of new therapeutic approaches leveraging the gut microbiome and its metabolites. NOSTER remains committed to supporting young scientists through this award and aims to contribute to breakthrough drug development driven by microbiome research.

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