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GS ENERGY Showcases Advanced Solar Storage Solutions at International Expos, Bolstering Global Expansion

NINGBO, China, Oct. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, GS (Ningbo) ESS Technology Co., Ltd. (GS ENERGY), a global leader in smart energy solutions, showcased its residential photovoltaic (PV) storage-charging products and one-stop solutions at Solar & Storage Live UK and All-Energy Australia. GS ENERGY displayed an array of PV energy storage (ES) systems for diverse low voltage and high voltage applications alongside its industry-leading PV, ES and charging integration solution to customers and partners worldwide. The company is rapidly expanding its global market presence.

Specifically designed and developed for residential energy storage, GS ENERGY's integrated PV, ES and charging system delivers complete protection, from individual cells to the entire system, through the deployment of technological innovations that further enhance the safety of ES systems and offer users with more sustainable benefits and higher returns.

For flexibility, GS ENERGY solutions incorporate an intelligent battery management system (BMS) that automatically identifies the battery's position, simplifying future capacity expansion. The BMS is also compatible with popular inverters on the market, facilitating easier system integration and providing customers with a broader choice of inverters.

For safety, GS ENERGY utilizes a natural air-cooling design for heat dissipation, effectively minimizing thermal loss. The system rigorously manages the uniform temperature of the cells, enhancing battery lifespan.

For smart system operation, users can scan the system's QR code to auto-upload battery performance data to their mobile app, enhancing user experience. Additionally, the system features intelligent cluster-level management, optimizing charging and discharging efficiency, which allows users to maximize returns.

Leveraging these three advantages, GS ENERGY has garnered acclaim from customers in the UK, Australia and globally for the products and solutions showcased at Solar & Storage Live UK and All-Energy Australia.

In addition to the integrated PV, ES and charging system, GS ENERGY exhibited various models suited for diverse scenario applications, effectively highlighting its robust product lineup and innovative prowess in solar storage integration technology.

GS ENERGY has made thoughtful strides in establishing a sales and service presence worldwide. Our overseas branches and service centers span Europe, North America, Latin America, Oceania, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa, all working diligently to offer reliable and quality services to our global clientele. Our ambition is to contribute meaningfully to the global clean energy movement and humbly support the ongoing shift towards smarter energy solutions.


SOURCE GS (Ningbo) ESS Technology Co., Ltd.

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