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Riiid's Paper on Enhancing Image Generation Accepted at NeurIPS 2023

SAN RAMON, Calif., Oct. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Riiid, a global front-runner in AI-powered education solutions, has created innovative methods to enhance image-generation performance without increasing model size, even in resource-constrained GPU environments. The milestone is explained in a paper accepted at NeurIPS 2023, the foremost conference in AI research.

The paper, 'Addressing Negative Transfer in Diffusion Models,' is one of five contributions that Riiid has made to international conferences this year, demonstrating the company's expansive reach across various AI domains. Riiid's work has received praise at other leading conferences including CVPR, ACL, and Interspeech, but the NeurIPS acceptance sets a new benchmark for Riiid's advancements in machine learning.

The NeurIPS paper presents methods for improving the learning process of diffusion models, an AI technology used for generating images. The paper's findings demonstrate that it's possible to boost a diffusion model's performance while keeping the model's size unchanged. This accomplishment has earned Riiid's research a spot in the conference's main track with the opportunity to present the paper.

In the field of artificial intelligence, where collaborations between academia and corporations are a common approach to obtain key achievements, it is noteworthy that the company's in-house AI research team could accomplish remarkable advances without relying on external academic collaborations. The achievement showcases Riiid's capabilities. Riiid is committed to further translating these cutting-edge AI technologies into tangible products that enhance everyday life.

With a presence in over 10 countries, the company is at the forefront of personalized education. Most recently, it signed an MOU to integrate AI into public education in Brazil. The company's goal is to elevate AI efficacy, substantiating its impact with empirical data and solidifying its place globally.

Riiid is determined to lead the way by breaking barriers and democratizing access to quality education through the power of AI.


Riiid, a member company of Global Digital Innovation Network (formerly known as Born2Global Centre), is focusing on democratizing quality education globally through the application of AI. It has partnered with diverse education companies and schools to provide personalized learning experiences to students in more than 10 countries. Riiid's researchers continue to develop novel architectures and ever-higher-performing AI models, verifying the learning impact with real-world data and publishing papers at international AI conferences.



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