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Dotmatics Releases New Chemicals & Materials Solution Focused on Data-Driven Research to Accelerate Product Development

Gives Researchers New Project Management Capabilities, Reduces Duplication, and Improves Cross-Organization Collaboration

BOSTON, Sept. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Dotmatics, a leader in R&D scientific software connecting science, data, and decision-making, today announced its new Dotmatics Chemicals & Materials Solution specifically designed to help R&D leaders get more insight from their data, faster. With its focus on simplifying data intelligence, the new Dotmatics Chemicals & Materials Solution helps researchers accelerate new product development by enabling data-driven research, simplifying project management, and reducing the complexities of research IT infrastructure. Learn more at:

Leaders in the industry have struggled to extract meaningful and actionable data from IT systems, hindering the ability to respond quickly to competitors, industry trends, and regulatory requirements. The Dotmatics Chemicals & Materials Solution tackles this informatics problem by providing tools and capabilities that focus on three critical needs: project decision making, eliminating duplication of efforts, and improved collaboration across departments, sites, and disciplines.

"The proliferation of data in the development of chemicals and materials should be promising to research organizations pursuing new products, but it has created new complexities and redundancies that are adding time and cost challenges to researchers," said Melanie Nelson, Director of Product Management, Solutions and Integrations at Dotmatics. "We are bringing the Dotmatics Chemicals & Materials solution to market specifically to empower teams to gain insights, make informed decisions, and streamline workflows, ultimately driving greater efficiency and productivity."

The Dotmatics Chemicals & Materials Solution includes the following workflows and capabilities:

  • Ingredient Management: Leverages Dotmatics Bioregister as a general entity registration framework to define and track ingredient properties. This capability enables complete traceability of formulation constituents and their properties, simplifying workflows and applications setup.
  • Formula: Offers a formulations-specific electronic lab notebook (ELN) to define ingredient levels, associate samples, and facilitate planning and analysis of complex formulation experiments.
  • Process: Allows researchers to define step-by-step product formation, including equipment used and associated metadata, ensuring in-depth capture of product specifications for efficient data reuse.
  • Testing: Provides a workflow for specifying and requesting tests, enables ingredient/sample tracking, and can be easily extended to connect to lab digitalization capabilities and to integrate with (or fulfill the needs of) a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).
  • Analysis: Leverages the data accessibility of Dotmatics Platform to provide powerful data insights with query and visualization capabilities, laying a foundation for data modeling (AI/ML) and facilitating improved decision support.

"Croda is happy to be working with Dotmatics in helping to streamline and harmonize our approach to Knowledge Management across our Global Research and Technology (R&T) teams," said Dr. Paul Cameron, Scientific Director at Croda. "Hundreds of scientists around the world are now using the software to capture and share experimental data and project work, and we are excited to have recently rolled out additional functionality to support our groups working in Formulations."

The Dotmatics Chemicals & Materials Solution is now generally available to help researchers accelerate new product development. To learn more about the solution, please visit

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Organizations interested in learning more about Dotmatics including this Chemicals & Materials Solution are invited to join the Dotmatics Summit 2023 in Boston, MA, October 11-12, or in Cambridge, UK, October 17-18. These two-day conferences will feature hands-on sessions, in depth demos, and product updates. Attendees will also find opportunities to network with experts and luminaries about what's possible for scientists and their organizations in the world of scientific R&D through industry best practices and collaboration. To register, visit:

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