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Kolon Industries Exhibits in 'World Smart Energy Week 2023', the World's Leading Platform for Renewable Energy

Actively targets the automobile/power generation market with hydrogen fuel cell core products

Introduces membrane material-based item 'Vent' and seeks new applications

TOKYO and SEOUL, South Korea, March 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Kolon Industries Inc. (KRX: 120110) — top chemical materials and textile maker in South Korea — actively targets the global automobile/power generation market by presenting hydrogen fuel cell core parts and materials at the world's leading renewable energy platform.

Kolon Industries’ exhibition booth at ‘World Smart Energy Week 2023’

The company exhibits its membrane humidifier, Polymer Electrolyte Membrane(PEM), Membrane Electrode Assembly(MEA) and a membrane material-based item 'Vent' at 'World Smart Energy Week 2023' in Tokyo from 15-17 March (local time).

'World smart energy week' is the largest energy exhibition held in Japan since 2005 and covers hydrogen and fuel cells, solar power, rechargeable batteries, smart grids, biomass, etc. Exhibitors and attendees introduce and exchange information about the latest technologies in the industry. More than 1,200 exhibitors from 31 nations are participating this year.

Kolon Industries has accumulated specialized technology in the water treatment field since 1989 when it first started research on membranes. It then moved on to fuel cell research and development in 2006 with this expertise in membranes and became the first Korean company to mass produce membrane humidifiers in 2012. It has been supplying them to Hyundai Motor Company since then and is seeking to expand its application from mobility to power generation and industrial use.

In addition, the company has started mass production of polymer electrolyte membranes (PEMs), key material for hydrogen vehicle fuel cells, since 2020. Through these differentiated techniques and production capabilities essential for the hydrogen economy, it has become a top solution provider in the industry. It is currently solidifying the foundation for mass production of membrane electrode assembly (MEA).

The South Korean chemical materials maker also introduces a membrane technology-based product 'Vent'. Vent is a waterproof, dustproof material which gives air permeability in smartphones and automobiles. It is expected to be applied widely on hydrogen systems, secondary batteries and more.

"This is a must-attend business platform to present our technological competitiveness as a first mover in the hydrogen industry," explains Mooseok Lee, Vice President of Kolon Industries. "We will speed up in expanding the hydrogen value chain by offering innovative solutions to new customers," adds Lee.

About Kolon Industries Inc.

Kolon Industries is a South Korean chemical and textile manufacturing company. It was founded in 1957 as Korea Nylon Inc., the first nylon manufacturer in Korea. It has since expanded to a global comprehensive chemical company focusing on four major businesses: industrial materials, chemical, film/electronic materials and fashion. It is actively creating sustainable values through development of raw materials for biodegradable plastics, core materials of hydrogen fuel cell, and upcycling fashion brands. It has a vision to "Innovate lifestyle by providing products and services that improve the quality of life."

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