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LiveText Introduces Via™, New Technology To Engage Learners

CHICAGO, April 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- LiveText Inc., the original provider of learning, assessment and e-Portfolio solutions to improve student learning and institutional quality, introduced its latest product offering – Via™ –  at the 2016 Western Association of Schools & Colleges Academic Resource Conference, April 6-8. Via™ joins the existing array of LiveText products which will continue to be supported. Prior to this launch, Via™ has been used by several institutions in beta testing and piloting.

Via™ is a learner-centered platform designed to engage all users in a deeper process of academic and self discovery. Via™ reflects over two years of extensive development, user feedback, and the company's 18 years of experience in understanding the complexities of outcomes assessment and e-Portfolios. In order to gain efficiencies, LiveText developed Via™ from the ground up, using the latest technologies, scalable architecture and user-centered design principles. 

Via™ is designed to capture and record events in the learning process so that students, faculty, and programs across the institution can reflect, analyze and take effective action to improve, all the while documenting the full learning journey. Students can review all learning experiences from both inside the classroom and outside the classroom, reflect on areas for improvement, and use that record of growth to create a portrait of their achievements in shareable e-Portfolios.

It isn't just students who are learners. Faculty and programs are also able to capture and review activities in the context of intended goals so they too can demonstrate and monitor innovative learning. All users are able to curate their work from Via™'s innovative Timeline™ feature into sophisticated, eye-catching e-Portfolios that can be shared for direct viewing and to social media.

What sets Via™ apart is its customizable workflow engine, creative authoring tools, group capabilities, and flexible assessment instruments so that institutions can configure the platform to address any established internal process and workflow. Via™ offers multiple options for collecting student work, streamlined interfaces for evaluating, and real-time assessment-based reports to see how learners are progressing.

In addition to traditional outcomes assessments that occur in courses, institutions can use Via™ to better manage all types of campus learning activities. Via™ includes capabilities for non-course based assessment, prior learning experience assessment, competency-based assessment, strategic institutional planning, curriculum review and co-curricular student affairs activities.

"Via™ is a game-changing approach to supporting learning. The product itself along with our design approach underscores LiveText's mission – engaging learners and empowering them to be active participants in their academic journeys. In addition to Via™, LiveText's existing products will continue to be supported and improved. Providing dual system and user support is a major step in the growth and vitality of LiveText," said Dr. Christopher E. Kalmus, LiveText President.

The company has aligned resources appropriately to fully support its current system and its users in addition to the new system. For more information or to learn how to get started with LiveText products, visit:

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