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At Debut of Near Future Summit, Pioneers Push the Frontiers of Science, Medicine & Sustainable Societies with New Launch Initiatives
Founder Zem Joaquin Convenes Top Innovators + Influencers to Forge #WorldPositive Partnerships

LA JOLLA, Calif., March 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Last week, a dynamic mix of the world's most influential trailblazers and rising stars at the cutting edge of human health, biology, agriculture and sustainability met in La Jolla, California at the debut of Near Future Summit. The brainchild of Zem Joaquin, founder of, the intimate three-day #WorldPositive event was created to facilitate systems-level change to address the world's most pressing problems. For a complete list of Near Future speakers, capsule descriptions, launch details, etc., please contact

Media titans Arianna Huffington and Evan Williams kick off the inaugural Near Future Summit.

"Near Future is my kind of conference, focused on both breadth and depth of important ideas. It was a treat for me to take the stage with Arianna Huffington and Dave Pell for an honest conversation about the challenges and opportunities in the future of media," said Evan Williams, CEO of Medium.

The Launch Pad to the Near Future
Media titans Arianna Huffington and Evan Williams kicked off the event and then ceded the stage to showcase more than 40 speakers and 10+ company / product / project debuts. Near Future launches included:

  • Celmatix | After six years in stealth, Dr. Piraye Yurttas Beim revealed a genomic approach to improving fertility.
  • Diamond Foundry | CEO Martin Roscheisen shared a first glimpse of Diamond Foundry's "cultured diamond" manufacturing process.
  • FIRST | Dean Kamen shared his master plan for FIRST International – a STEM-based Olympic Games in which students compete on a global stage in the name of education.
  • Freenome | Genomics pioneers Dr. Charles Roberts and Gabriel Otte introduced TRINITY. Based on a simple blood sample, TRINITY provides a consumer-centric view into a patient's living genome and how it changes over time, such as with age, exercise and diet.
  • Iodine | Thomas Goetz, Iodine founder, launched the Better, Faster Depression (BFD) Study, with the goal of being the largest data collection around depression to analyze drug efficacy (or the lack of) and the path forward from depression.
  • Neuroelectrics | CEO Ana Maiques revealed a never-before-seen brain-to-brain data communication experiment from Spain to France.
  • We Are Curious | Founder Linda Avey launched Curious, a personal platform for "health hackers" that aggregates and tracks data in partnership with OuraRing, developer of the world's first ring-sized wellness computer.
  • Stella McCartney | Head of McCartney's sustainability group, Claire Bergkamp, pledged that they will be utilizing viscose only from traceable, managed forests by the end of this year and are working to create a Cradle to Cradle Certified™ luxury fashion line.
  • The Kitchen | Kimbal Musk announced the latest addition to his farm-to-table initiative, The Kitchen, in Cherry Creek, Colorado.
  • Zymergen | Zymergen introduced a robotics lab in which the manufacturing of microbes is transforming renewable feedstocks into valuable chemicals.

"We've been in stealth for six years as we charted a path to enabling women to be proactive about their fertility, and we couldn't have chosen a more receptive setting to reveal our approach," said Dr. Piraye Beim, founder and CEO of Celmatix. "By convening an intimate group of 250 vanguards, Near Future established this perfect community. It felt like we were experiencing Dunbar's number, the ideally sized gathering of people to build and fortify relationships and act on scaling critical cross-sector solutions."  

"What Zem has created is a gathering unlike any I've seen – one that shines the light on some of the most inspiring and creative innovations at the vanguard of the Near Future – in a setting that melds music, art and education. Near Future Summit left me encouraged, optimistic and excited to engage," said Kimbal Musk, Co-founder, The Kitchen.

Time Capsules Centered Around Systemic Change and Possibilities
Beginning with a microcosmic view of the most disruptive inventions happening at a cellular level, and then turning to the natural and man-made systems being re-architected around us, attendees including entrepreneurs, inventors, investors and entertainers traveled on the same three-day journey together, creating meaningful partnerships and connections to share solutions to world's most pressing problems.

Near Future's HealthTech Showcase | Next Gen MedTech and Wearables
Dr. Eric Topol, author of The Patient Will See You Now, and the Near Future team co-curated the HealthTech Showcase, which featured a number of never-before-seen wearable health technology:

  • OuraRing | ŌURA, the most medically accurate sleep tracker on the market.
  • Muse | A brain-sensing headband designed as your personal meditation assistant.
  • Rhythm Diagnostic Systems | MultiSense™ Patches are Band-Aid size vital signs monitoring strips.
  • DANA | The most comprehensive health and wellness engagement platform to measure and monitor subtle and acute changes in cognitive efficiency.
  • Motion Scientific Stroke Recovery System | A 3D camera and touch-screen system provide automated and personalized physical therapy.
  • Sotera ViSi Mobile System | A complete wireless monitoring system to continuously capture core vital signs.
  • AliveCor, Inc. | AliveCor® Mobile ECG is the most clinically validated mobile ECG monitor on the market, providing instant analysis for detecting atrial fibrillation (AFib) and normal ECG's.
  • ToSense CoVa™ Monitoring System | A body-worn sensor designed as a necklace for in-home patients with chronic heart-related illnesses.
  • Dexcom | The first FDA-approved, fully mobile system for both adults and children 2 years and older, Mobile Continuous Glucose Monitoring Patch, allows patients to view and share real-time glucose data via smart device.

"The companies and individuals showcased at Near Future could be the pieces of a less puzzling future in which we consciously work together to develop technologies and pathways that create a more sustainable, secure, equitable and vibrant world." – Zem Joaquin

About Near Future Summit:
Founded by Zem Joaquin, the three-day #WorldPositive event was designed to facilitate systems-level change by spotlighting meta themes and the unexpected, often unseen connections underlying humans' longevity, education and well-being. Beginning with a microcosmic view of the most disruptive inventions happening at a cellular level, then turning to the natural and man-made systems being re-architected around us, attendees including entrepreneurs, inventors, investors and entertainers traveled on the same three-day journey together, creating meaningful partnerships and connections. For more information visit and follow us on Twitter at: @nearfuturenow.

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