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The Inspur Group Comes on Stage with its Top Cloud Core Equipment at OCP 2016

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- From March 9-10, 2016, OCP was held at the San Jose Conference Center. As a server vendor with comprehensive strength in the Chinese cloud computing market, a cloud computing specialist with number one shares in the Chinese market as well as a sales volume and R&D capacity that ranks in the top five in the world, Inspur's participation in this distinguished event not just represents further communication with the media and industry peers, but also exhibited Inspur's comprehensive cabinet server SmartRack, the Tissot 860G3, the HPC and other high-performance core products and solutions.

Inspur at OCP

Inspur's participation in this year's US OCP 2016 is of particular significance. In 2015, the Inspur Group announced that it would be joining with Cisco to invest 100 million dollars to establish a joint venture company in China. Not long after that they announced that they would be investing 600 million with the American company Diebold to set up another joint venture company. In 2016, Cisco announced Inspur as its global strategic cooperation partner. This series of major moves into the American market has seen the group's standing in the international market increase by the day, with its strength becoming undeniable. Moreover, in 2016 Inspur will continue to take advantage of its excellent opportunities in the American market.

Inspur's exhibition at the event is at the C8 exhibition stand, and on top of exhibiting products, the group's American Division General Manager, Dolly Wu, delivered an important speech, where she analyzed the primary rackscale open hardware platform and enterprise selection strategy in the industry at present, as well as shared the advantages and experience of Inspur's cooperative project with Baidu, attracting the interests of many American vendors and clients.

"Cloud computing, Big Data, Internet and e-commerce are driving the need for more efficient, higher density and faster infrastructure deployments for the modern datacenter. Inspur SmartRack, designed based on the Scorpio Project Spec, is the most popular Rackscale Server Platform currently for hyperscale datacenter deployments in China," said Dolly Wu, General Manger of Inspur USA. "Inspur SmartRack accounts for over 85% of the Rackscale Server deployments at Baidu datacenters and over 50% of the Rackscale Server deployments at Alibaba datacenters.  SmartRack is optimized for datacenters with rack level centralized cooling, power and management, making deployments 15 times faster than the conventional rack. When Inspur deployed conventional rackmount servers at Baidu datacenters, we could deploy only 300 to 500 server nodes per day. With SmartRack, Baidu and Inspur achieved a record deployment of more than 5,000 nodes in a single day. Also the SmartRack modular design makes it easy for technology upgrades, service and maintenance. SmartRack offers much better power efficiency, 50% lower failure rates than conventional rackmount servers and therefore, lower total cost of ownership. Inspur is making the SmartRack available for the USA market targeted for Datacenters and CSPs who need to deploy Public Clouds, Private Clouds and Hybrid Clouds quickly, efficiently and at lower TCO."

Following Inspur accompanying China's President Xi Jinping's visit to the United States in 2015 and the unveiling of the cloud computing data center in Seattle, this high-profile appearance at OCP 2016 marks another a key step into the American market for Inspur and indicates the group's intention to accelerate the pace of its move into the US market, injecting new vitality into the US cloud computing market.

Inspur's exhibition is aimed at the SmartRack system developed by its enterprise business, which enjoys 60% shares of the Chinese Internet market, as well as continuing to support the stable operation of the largest global electronic payment platform, Alibaba, and the largest global online ticketing system, 12306.

At the same time, Inspur's Tissot TS860G3, a new generation high-end eight way server independently developed by the group will be on exhibition. Compared with the last generation Tissot system high-end server, the Inspur Tissot-Cloud Computing Engine has twice the calculating performance, five times the IO bandwidth and six times the memory capacity, and comes equipped with a fully adequate core database, virtualization, large-scale ERP, high-performance and other key applications. According to IDC data. The Tissot eight way server enjoyed 47% market shares in the third quarter of 2015, making it number one for market shares in China for the seventh consecutive quarter and pulling even further ahead of the competition. At present, Inspur's eight way server enjoys good sales in the US, Russia German, Japan and over 10 other countries.

At present, the Inspur Group's internationalization is in full swing, with business activities extending to 85 countries and districts, and with R&D centers being established in many countries including the US and Japan, factories in Venezuela and other countries, as well as representative offices or branches being set up in 26 different countries and over 12,000 business cooperative partners throughout the world. The US market is just one of Inspur's strategies for internationalization, and this year's OCP 2016 represents a great chance to better extend into the American market and realize their global goals.

Inspur is a leading global cloud computing integrated solution supplier that has already achieved an integrated solutions service capacity that covers the three levels of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. Inspur Group's exhibition stand represents the most cutting edge technological products and solutions in the Chinese cloud computing and data center field. The Inspur Group will take advantage of OCP's international platform to share its advanced technology with the world, exhibiting and sharing the significant achievements of Chinese IT enterprises in the enterprise-class domain, as well as working with global enterprises in innovation and cooperation to provide better services to global clients.

Inspur Group American Division General Manager Dolly Wu's Speech

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