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Sprout Adds Category-First Quinoa Puffs in 15-SKU Baby/Toddler Line Expansion

ANAHEIM, Calif., March 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Sprout Nutrition today announced a major expansion of its organic baby and toddler food line with the addition of 15 new purees and snacks, including the category's first quinoa-based puff and ancient grain-based crisp products. The launch at Booth #5453 at the Natural Foods Expo West conference is part of a major new brand investment by Sprout – now the largest independent infant nutrition company.  The new product launches and a full-line packaging graphic redesign advance Sprout's commitment to delivering whole organic foods, using minimally processed ingredients to encourage families to develop an honest love of healthy eating.

Sprout Adds Category-First Quinoa Puffs in 15-SKU Baby/Toddler Line Expansion

The initiative taps into burgeoning consumer interest in clean eating, honest labeling, and promotion of lifelong healthy eating habits by exposing children to a broad variety of foods at an early age.  It also builds on continuing 10-12% growth in the organic baby/toddler food sector.

Lisa Leake, author of the New York Times bestseller "100 Days of Real Food," will be at Sprout's Expo West booth on Saturday, March 12, to discuss her experience in eliminating processed foods from her family's diet and how Sprout's products fit her "real food" requirements.

Market's Cleanest Baby Food Brand

With over 50 SKUs now in its portfolio, Sprout is the only brand that has pledged to formulate its baby and toddler puree products with only organic, non-GMO whole fruits and vegetables, no concentrates, and no preservatives, fillers or thickeners.  Sprout is also the first brand to commit to honest labeling, ensuring the names of their varieties match the primary ingredients in the recipe.  To reinforce its commitment to transparency in labeling and ingredients, Sprout has added an honestly pledge to its baby and toddler puree packaging.

"Organic products account for nearly 50% of baby food sales today, but organic is now the cost of entry for many parents. Families want assurance that the food is clean, free of additives and ingredients you wouldn't use in your own kitchen, as close to homemade as possible, and labeled truthfully.  Our products fit those criteria better than any other brand in the space," said Sprout Nutrition CEO Rick Klauser, a former Gerber executive who took the helm at Sprout in 2015. "By clearly stating those benefits on the package as well as increasing product choices, this new rollout sets the stage for converting purchasers of other brands as well as the large segment of parents who prefer homemade baby foods into Sprout customers."

15 New Products

The Sprout products being introduced this month include 10 new stage 1 and 2 baby food purees featuring tasty combinations of whole fruits, vegetables and grains that let the taste of the organic ingredients shine through – all designed to begin to expose babies to a wide range of flavors to aid palate development – as well as the first quinoa and ancient grain-based snacks in the baby/toddler food category.   Ancient grains continue to emerge as a trending ingredient, with benefits new parents are looking for. The products are:

  • Sprout Quinoa Puffs – the first puff product for babies made with quinoa, offering a rich whole grain and gluten-free option for baby's first snack – available in Apple Kale, Mango Carrot and Maple Cinnamon varieties.
  • Sprout Ancient Grain Crisps – a wholesome whole grain and fruit snack made with sorghum, amaranth and quinoa with a taste and texture appropriate for toddlers – available in Apple Cinnamon and Blueberry flavors.
  • Three new Stage 1 pouch products – Prune, Mango and Sweet Potato – for infants up to 6 months.
  • Seven new Stage 2 pouch products – including two with yogurt (Strawberry Banana Yogurt and Mango Apple Yogurt), two fruit/vegetable blends (Apple Sweet Potato, Pear Spinach Prune and Spinach Banana Apple), one fruit blend (Strawberry Pear Banana) and one with oatmeal (Blueberry Banana Oatmeal) – for babies 6 months and older.

The launch will be accompanied by major trade, consumer and shopper marketing programs, including digital, in-store and influencer initiatives, to raise brand awareness and highlight the product benefits expressed in Sprout's new "Keep it Honest, Make it Real" tagline.

About Sprout Nutrition
Sprout Nutrition (formerly Sprout Organic Foods) provides premium organic foods for babies, toddlers and their families that encourage happy and healthy eating. Founded in 2009, Sprout was the first company to introduce baby food in a pouch, triggering the explosion of the organic baby food pouch segment in the U.S. The company uses only organic and GMO-free ingredients and unique cooking methods to create tasty, nutritious combinations that appeal to all ages. Sprout believes that a meal is more than nourishment: it's a chance to inspire. That's why the company is committed to developing an early love of healthy, whole ORGANIC foods.  For more information, visit

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