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SpotMe Enhances Mobile Platform to Provide Event Organizers with Complete Control of App Functionality and Content Consumption
Dynamic Home Screen Serves as Configurable Entry Point for Focused Attendee Interaction and Engagement

CHICAGO, March 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- SpotMe, a leading innovator in mobile event technology, today announced the release of the newest version of the Company's mobile event platform for event organizers and attendees.  The release features the debut of a dynamic new home screen that can be custom configured to provide easy access to user-specific content and engagement features.  It can also be constructed to change over time so that what is displayed changes as an event does.

SpotMe has served the global meetings and events industry for over 15 years with communication, interaction and networking tools that provide value for all participants.  The Chicago, Lausanne and Singapore teams have worked with hundreds of global brands and associations in the finance, technology, healthcare, pharmaceutical and professional services industries requiring a highly reliable and comprehensive platform suitable for the multi-national enterprise market. 

"We collaborated closely with our clients over the past year to evaluate what would 'move the needle' from an attendee simply downloading and minimally interacting with some features in the event app, to truly engaging with the content, speakers, and each other by utilizing more features and components," said Helkin Berg, CEO of SpotMe Americas.  "We were able to determine that most events had tasks associated with periods before, during and after the meeting in which organizers wanted to bring specific actions, campaigns or content to the fore for completion.  We set out to determine a flexible, configurable method for that ever-changing focus to evolve as the event moves through its cycle, driving higher engagement and resulting in significantly increased value for speakers, sponsors and organizers.  This dynamic home screen solution keeps participants in any number of groups, roles, or segments on the desired path in every event session and scenario."

The new home screen is just one of several upgrades to the SpotMe event app platform.  The entire interface has been optimized to be more flexible and easier to configure with additional space for branding, custom links, forms, messages and ad units.  Important features and content desired by the organizer are now able to be front and center in a creative and sleek way.  Customizable, larger event icons offer a cleaner interface and make the screen more intuitive and navigable on touch screens, encouraging participants to remain more engaged.  

"We have different target audiences of senior leaders that attend our conferences.  Each participant has a personalized journey of insight collection, networking, and finding solutions and resources onsite," said Logan Sobonya, director of conferences, CEB.  "This release allows our team to drive certain actions like profile completion and preferences before the event, matching like-minded individuals onsite, and driving engagement with polling, surveys and insight sharing even post-event.  We are excited to leverage this dynamic home screen at all of our conferences this year and create a seamless experience for our members."

The easy-to-configure UI means design requirements for clients are easily met.  Since the fields that make up the screen are responsive, their size and shape change to accommodate any aspect ratio, and provide organizers with more options to serve a greater range of phones and tablets.  

"Event organizers want a customizable platform, not an off-the-shelf app," continued Berg.  "This latest release addresses those needs in a sophisticated, simple-to-manage platform that is easily customized as the event evolves and unfolds.  It also directly addresses attendees' desire to have information continually at their fingertips.  We are very pleased to be able to bring this new approach to guiding participants to the right content efficiently to the events industry."

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