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HH SuperCritical LLC Delivers 100L CO2 Extraction Machine to Elegant Bastard
100L extraction machine engineered by HH SuperCritical LLC delivered to Elegant Bastard, a newly-formed brand of cannabis products. This machine is the first of its kind, extracting cannabis concentrates with the highest level of efficiency and output capacity.

SEATTLE, Feb. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Brian Hess, CEO of HH SuperCritical LLC, announced the delivery of the a 100 liter supercritical CO2 extraction machine - the first of its kind - to Elegant Bastard, a lifestyle Cannabis brand, at the CannaCon® Seattle 2016 expo. Elegant Bastard's Chief Operations Officer, Irvin Carlin, has been anticipating the delivery of the machine, the first with this level of efficiency and capacity.

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"We are elated to take delivery of the 100 liter C02 extraction system and are looking forward to follow all necessary compliance steps to begin full operations within the next quarter," says Irvin Carlin. "This system is cutting edge and will be the new benchmark for capacity and processing times."

HH SuperCritical has designed and produced 40 and 60 liter CO2 extraction machines but this is the first delivery of a 100 liter system. The system uses both liquid pump phasing and gas booster pump phasing as part of the CO2 extraction process which reduce full run extraction processing times to under 5 hours. The combination is an industry first.

"It's always a pleasure to be doing business with the bastards. Elegance is evidenced by their prompt payment in cash. Truly gentlemen these guys," state's Brian Hess. "They are sure to shake things up in the Washington state's extraction market."

About HH SuperCritical:

HH SuperCritical LLC was founded in 2015 by a consortium of researchers, manufacturers, scientists, and technology-vested investors. The ambition of this enterprise is to bring to market a botanical extraction process with a machine superior to existing equipment in the industry. The team's goal is to build a higher-capacity, higher-performance machine that will reduce overall processing time and obtain more precisely selective extracts from compounds.

About Elegant Bastard

Elegant Bastard was founded in 2016 by a group of engineers, marketers, and technology-vested investors dedicated to elevating the cannabis experience through premium products and services for dispensaries, collectives, and consumers of the cannabis industry.

Elegant Bastard's top tier quality product line includes oil concentrate, dabs, shatter, pre-rolled joints, refill cartridges, wax, and pharmaceutical grade capsules.

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