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The Future of GTM is Here and It's Better Together with Teams, Tech, and Trust.

ATLANTA, June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- GTM Partners, the only analyst-advisory firm focused on making Go-to-Market (GTM) simple, introduces GTM is Better Together for teams, tech, and trust today. The GTM is Better Together program is a breakthrough initiative designed to provide hope and trust to GTM professionals in enterprise companies amongst budget cuts, missed revenue targets, and misaligned teams.

The program combines the power of data and benchmarks with an educational conference series designed with the revolutionary 8-pillar GTM Operating System™ framework.

"Our latest GTM Benchmark report shows that 56% of companies have missed their revenue targets this year, said Sangram Vajre, Co-Founder and CEO of GTM Partners. Missing revenue targets is not a sales, marketing, customer success, or product problem. It's a go-to-market problem. So the real question is how do we fix go-to-market? One word - Together.

The category leaders like Demandbase, Clari, G2, MadKudu, ON24, Technology Advice, Totango + Catalyst, Vidyard, and ZoomInfo are leading the charge on this breakthrough initiative to help drive one salient point - the future of GTM is Better Together for teams, tech, and trust."

The GTM Is Better Together vision includes:

  • A new GTM category shaping event-series that combines the deep learning of a user conference, the case studies of an industry trade show, the innovative solutions of a technology conference, and the intimate feel of an executive forum. The four-city invitation-only series of executive conferences is focused on bringing mid-market and enterprise GTM teams together to solve the most challenging business problems. It's the first conference ever to offer two-for-one tickets. Get one for yourself and give the other to a GTM counterpart on another team: they can attend in any city!

  • Research and benchmarks: Our research shows that GTM is better when you break down team and technology silos for a unified, integrated, holistic GTM approach. Our new GTM is Better Together Benchmark Report will launch at Hubspot's INBOUND 2024 conference this September.

  • ROI Studies: GTM Partners will also be releasing the ROI and time to value of the 8 core technologies that should be considered for any enterprise-grade modern GTM tech stack.

The conferences are an invitation-only event for director-level and above GTM leaders in sales, marketing, customer success, product, and executive leadership at enterprise, B2B companies.  Those interested in attending can also apply for an invitation.

WHEN and WHERE is the Summit Series:

  • August 28, 2024: Atlanta, GA
  • September 10, 2024: Boston, MA
  • October 22, 2024: New York City, NY
  • November 20, 2024: San Francisco, CA

WHY should you apply to attend?

  • Get Inspired: Learn from interactive workshops, frameworks, problem-solving sessions, real-life examples and best practices from enterprise companies, and peer networking
  • Align your GTM team: Bring together leaders from different functional areas so you can burn down silos and learn how to build a high-performing GTM team
  • Build your GTM tech stack: Apply lessons from real-world GTM tech stacks to solve your company's unique challenges
  • Learn New Ways: If you are an existing customer of the Better Together program partners - get access to the latest integrations, and learn from your peers who are using the same technologies on how you can accelerate the ROI of your existing tech stack
  • GTM therapy: You're not alone! While this conference won't solve all the problems in your life, it can help you solve GTM problems that will make work and business a lot more rewarding.

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