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FzioMed, Inc. to Showcase its Women's Health Adhesion Barrier Products at Hysteroscopy, Assisted Reproductive Technology and Ultrasound (HARTUS) Congress

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., April 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- FzioMed, Inc. ("FzioMed" or the "Company"), a recognized global leader in adhesion prevention, today announced it will attend the Hysteroscopy, Assisted Reproductive Technology and Ultrasound (HARTUS) congress April 22-24 in Rome, Italy. The Company will showcase its innovative Oxiplex® adhesion barrier gel product portfolio designed to reduce the formation of post-surgical adhesions following hysteroscopic and laparoscopic surgery. The HARTUS meeting is a new concept based on teamwork for enhancing the perinatal results in the infertility patient.

FzioMed will highlight the unique benefits of its Oxiplex portfolio for intrauterine hysteroscopy and laparoscopic peritoneal procedures. Based on a patented formulation and more than 20 years of use, these barrier products provide a temporary, mechanical separation of tissues during the normal healing process, reducing adhesion formation. Oxiplex/IU® and Oxiplex/AP® gels offer ease of use combined with proven safety and clinical efficacy.

FzioMed is sponsoring a lecture on Tuesday, April 23 at 2:30 pm/(14:30) CEST titled 'How to Prevent Intrauterine Adhesions' which will be given by Brunella Zizolfi, MD, PhD, a specialist of Gynecology and Obstetrics at Federico II University Hospital of Naples, Italy. Dr. Zizolfi and Attilio Di Spiezio Sardo, MD, PhD, Chief of Hysteroscopy at Federico II University Hospital and who has published clinical trial results with Oxiplex/IU, will both be available at FzioMed's exhibitor booth (Booth #2) periodically throughout the congress to speak about the benefits of utilizing Oxiplex adhesion barriers.

"Even with the best procedural technique, adhesions can form in the cervical canal and intrauterine cavity following a variety of common procedures – including dilation and curettage, to myomectomy, adhesiolysis, and other hysteroscopic procedures. Intrauterine (IU) adhesions can cause a variety of complications, from pain and menstrual cycle abnormalities to infertility or inability to carry pregnancy to term," stated Todd Fanning, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Formulated specifically for intrauterine procedures, our Oxiplex/IU Adhesion Barrier Gel works in concert with the natural healing process to reduce adhesion formation. This can lead to improved patient satisfaction, reducing complaints and risk of re-operations."

Oxiplex/IU and Oxiplex/AP Adhesion Barrier Gels are provided sterile and ready to use each with respective prepackaged applicators. Oxiplex/IU includes a smooth, rounded tip applicator that allows for ease of insertion and application while the clear gel formula maintains local visibility. The proprietary applicator provided with Oxiplex/AP allows for laparoscopic use to apply a single, consistent layer of gel over ovarian and peritoneal surfaces. No special storage, refrigeration, mixing, or handling is required. Oxiplex gels do not swell or migrate after application and their unique viscosity is flowable yet remain where applied. The Oxiplex portfolio of adhesion barrier products has been available since 2002 and have been used in nearly 1 million procedures worldwide.

"Our patented dual-polymer formulation combines two synthetic biocompatible polymers proven safe and effective over more than two decades of worldwide use. Oxiplex gels are inert, bioabsorbable, and contain no pharmaceutical agents or materials of human, animal, or bacterial origin," commented Gere diZerega, MD, FzioMed's Medical Director. "Reducing post-procedural pain and adhesiogenic complications can lead to improved reproductive health and risk of re-operations."

About FzioMed, Inc.
Pioneering biomaterials since 1996, FzioMed is a privately held and vertically integrated medical device company focused exclusively on preserving surgical excellence in spine, orthopedic, peritoneal and gynecological procedures. FzioMed is a recognized global leader in the surgical biomaterials markets for adhesion prevention.

The Company develops and manufactures absorbable adhesion barriers based on its patented dual-polymer technology. Our patented dual polymer technology is tailored to meet the needs of specific clinical applications and markets its products in more than 70 countries under various brand names. FzioMed®, Oxiplex®, Oxiplex/IU®, Oxiplex/AP®, Oxiplex/SP®, Dynavisc®, and Interpose® are registered trademarks; Intercoat™ and Medishield™ are trademarks; and Preserve Surgical ExcellenceSM and Pioneering Biomaterials Since 1996SM are sales marks – all of FzioMed, Inc.

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