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Chef Francesco Allegro leads cooking demos showcasing why bakers, pizzaiolos and chefs prize Italian and European organic flours and semolina

ATLANTIC CITY, H.J., Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- In its debut at the Artisan Bakery Expo East, the Italian Milling Industry Association (ITALMOPA) shines a spotlight on the Pure Flour from Europe initiative, underscoring the preeminence of Italian and European organic flour and semolina on the global stage. With their distinctive grading, rich protein diversity and unparalleled elastic balance, European and Italian flours have carved a niche in the baking world, making them the first choice for purists in the craft.


In its debut at the Artisan Bakery Expo East, ITALMOPA shines a spotlight on the Pure Flour from Europe initiative.

At Booth 1128, Chef Francesco Allegro will fire up live cooking demonstrations, allowing attendees to sample organic flours and semolina in traditional Italian recipes. His menu includes delicate Torta Paradiso, airy Focaccia Barese, and the artful creation of handmade ravioli, cavatelli and orecchiette, three pasta shapes emblematic of Italy's rich culinary heritage.

"It's more than just flour; it's a testament to Europe's deep-rooted baking traditions. Italian flours use a grading system like '00' or '0' based on the amount of mineral salts and proteins in the flours. This grading allows users, particularly bakers, to choose precisely the right texture for their purpose," said ITALMOPA President Andrea Valente. "Through our Pure Flour from Europe initiative and Chef Francesco's culinary demonstrations, we aim to provide a quality ingredient and inspire a global community of culinary professionals and home enthusiasts."

Taking place Oct. 1-2, 2023, at the Atlantic City Convention Center, the Artisan Bakery Expo East stands as a cornerstone event for industry professionals, vendors and trend-setters. At ITALMOPA's exhibit, attendees can interact with Molino Casillo, Molino De Vita, and Molino Grassi representatives. These three prominent mills have successfully married tradition with the latest agrotechnology. Event-goers can gain insights from these industry leaders, learn about new advancements and explore potential collaborations.

Founded in 1958 and based in Rome, ITALMOPA represents 82 companies across Italy that mill soft and durum wheat for the production of flour and semolina for pasta, breads, pastries, pizza and more. For more information, please visit


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