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KIOSK Information Systems is Featuring Transformative Automated Self-Service Solutions To Drive In-Store Engagement and Enhance the Customer Experience at 2023 NRF Big Show

DENVER and NEW YORK, Jan. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- KIOSK Information Systems (KIOSK) has been selected for the 2023 NRF Expo Tours In-Store Engagement Track and will proudly feature a package-free and label-free self-service returns kiosk (Booth 5502). Together with software and logistics partner, Inmar Post Purchase Solutions, KIOSK will be demonstrating the in-store, self-service Automated Returns Kiosk (ARK) that facilitates returns transactions in under two minutes. Widely proven and deployed nationally, the ARK continues to be a game changer for Retailers facing mounting challenges with the cost and logistics around handling e-commerce returns. Retailers who provide self-service returns options in their stores can expect a significant increase in customer visits, while reducing labor expenses tied to manually processing returns.  KIOSK CEO Kim Kenney comments, "The automated returns solution is mutually beneficial to both retailers and consumers and is disruptive in its simplicity. It has the full attention of major retailers in the US and Europe, and we anticipate this unique self-service category will quickly become a mainstream offering."  

Retailers who provide self-service returns options in their stores can expect a significant increase in customer visits, while reducing labor expenses tied to manually processing returns.

Adding to e-commerce innovation and in-store engagement, KIOSK will feature Position Imaging's ecommerce fulfillment system, the iPickup Point, using iClip retail product identification and tracking tags.  This innovative tracking solution leverages BLE technology to offer customers an intuitive order fulfillment system with light and audio guidance to provide a seamless customer experience between digital and real life. The iPickup Point is a modern, cost-effective BOPIS solution enabling seamless on-demand order collection.

KIOSK's NRF booth portfolio is rounded out with a wide range of retail-focused service kiosks, including:

  • Self-service cash to credit card delivery, providing customers on-location services to facilitate credit transactions at a rising number of cashless venues
  • Virtual, two-way communication platform, connecting customers to live experts for real-time customer support or for store management to conduct employee interviews
  • In-store Bitcoin ATM that enables cryptocurrency transactions such as independent purchase and cash redemption
  • AI concierge that provides a greeting platform for customer guidance and FAQ answers
  • Traditional and computer vision self-checkout platform for added customer convenience and reduced labor costs

Learn more about the Expo Tours, or visit KIOSK at booth 5502 for compelling demonstrations to enhance in-store engagement and elevate the customer experience.

About KIOSK Information Systems
KIOSK helps organizations digitally transform by enabling automation with self-service solutions to improve the customer experience, while increasing operational and cost efficiencies. With over 29 years of experience and 250,000+ kiosks deployed, KIOSK is the trusted partner of Top 100 Retailers and Fortune 500 clients: delivering proven expertise in design engineering and manufacturing, application development, integration, and comprehensive support services. We offer an innovative portfolio of kiosk solutions along with managed services and IoT capabilities to ensure a seamless user experience. Learn more at, 800.509.5471.

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