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Threekit Announces the Magical Product Experience for Retail and Luxury, Connecting Online Inspiration with In-Store Service for a Cohesive Buying Journey

The SaaS company will premier it at the National Retail Federation conference in New York City starting January 14th

NEW YORK, Jan. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Threekit today announced the launch of the Magical Product Experience, a comprehensive view of how 3D configuration and augmented reality will be the key to connecting a brand's eCommerce and in-store experiences.

"Customers are clear–they want an amazing, personalized and seamless product experience," says Matt Gorniak, Threekit's CEO. "But more often than not, they receive arbitrary and disconnected product experiences as they engage with the brand's products across their many channels. This leaves the consumer confused and stops them across their buying journey. Our mission is to create the connective tissue where the magical product experience online is inspirational and where the associate and client advisor instore can provide the highest level of service and expand that inspiration." 

Magical Product Experiences through Visual Commerce

As a headless visual commerce platform that allows brands to do real-time configuration for products, Threekit is uniquely positioned to connect buying channels. Today's product exploration starts online where Threekit's 3D visuals enable product personalization and augmented reality. The platform also empowers brands to put products in hyper-relevant lifestyle scenes based on use case or season and suggest complementary products in real-time.

Then, for those who elect to continue the product exploration in-store, Threekit becomes an invaluable source of information to aid the in-store associate. They can access and help configure products that the shopper had started online and suggest and show other product variations all in an environment less cluttered with superfluous inventory. They can also follow up post-purchase with products that are relevant to the shopper.

The experience is magic from a business perspective as well. Brands who use Threekit report fewer returns, reduction in photography costs and lower customer acquisition costs. Additionally, investing in this next-level customer journey helps pay for itself in incremental revenue as 58% of customers are willing to spend more for a great product experience.

Threekit will present its Magical Product Experience in partnership with Salesforce at 9 AM ET on January 17 at the NRF convention, which is taking place at the Javits Center in New York City. 

"Every interaction with a product provides clues and context as to what shoppers really want," continues Gorniak. "Smart brands will use this data to provide the kind of magical experience that today's shopper is demanding."

You can view a video and get more information on Threekit's Magical Product Experience here.

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