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VOICE Talks Announces Inaugural VOICE Ecosystem Experts
Advisory Group is Focused on Expanding the Voice Tech Ecosystem
Talk Show Celebrates One Year Anniversary with More than 120,000 Subscribers

WASHINGTON, April 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- "VOICE Talks," a monthly hour-long talk show that discusses the latest developments in voice technology, and Modev today announced formation of a new strategic committee of VOICE Ecosystem Experts. This inaugural group includes prominent conversational technology leaders whose focus will be to amplify and encourage industry cooperation within the voice, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) communities. The group is also focused on advancing and fostering the use of these technologies in collaboration with VOICE Talks.

The new VOICE Ecosystem Experts group includes: 

  • Dr. Teri Fisher, founder, editor and host, The Voice Den and Voice in Canada;
  • Bret Kinsella, founder, CEO, and research director of;
  • Katherine Prescott, founder and editor, Voicebrew; and
  • Michal Stanislawek and Karol Stryja of VoiceLunch.

"I am pleased to participate in this group of individuals who are outspoken educators and advocates for expanding the power of voice. In order for the use of voice technologies to grow, we need to ensure that these technologies are embraced by the broader technology community," said Dr. Fisher. "I look forward to continuing to work with this experienced team as we help guide the conversational technology industry forward in the market."

This announcement comes at the one year anniversary of VOICE Talks, which launched in April 2020. The show now has more than 120,000 subscribers from across North America with guests from companies such as Dunkin, Headspace, iRobot, Nike, Sony, Verizon and Vizio sharing voice technology product integrations.

"We are thrilled to have the support and guidance of this group of individuals who are dedicated to fostering the conversational tech, AI and developer communities," said Pete Erickson, founder of VOICE Talks and CEO of Modev. "VOICE Talks quickly became one of the fastest growing internet shows since it launched in April 2020, and we look forward to what the next year will bring."

In addition to incorporating their input into the 2021 season of VOICE Talks, these industry-recognized influencers will also collaborate on ongoing initiatives to continue to expand the voice ecosystem and community.

About VOICE Talks
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