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Meishan Chunju, a Taste of Spring for the World to Enjoy

MEISHAN, China, April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2021 Annual Conference of Chinese Society of Citriculture, 2021 Sichuan Flower (Fruit) Eco-tourism Festival & 4th Late-maturing Citrus Festival in Meishan, held by Sichuan Provincial Forestry and Grassland Administration and Meishan Municipal People's Government, will take place in the city of Meishan between April 11th and 13th.

This edition of the gala will adopt the "online+offline" format and incorporates industrial symposium, professional procurement, media openness and public participation. The event was participated by more than a thousand attendees including experts and scholars from the Citrus Society of China such as Chinese Modern Citrus Industry Technology System Chief Scientist academician Deng Xiuxin, Citrus Society of China Honorary President professor Zhou Changyong, delegates from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China, Sichuan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Sichuan Provincial Bureau Forestry and Grassland and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and government officials, scientific research institute teams and distributor representatives from 18 provinces and municipalities.

The event wil take place with the central theme of "Meishan Chunju - Taste of Spring - Fruits of Great Health" and feature the "Meishan Chunju" as its centerpiece. The northern hemisphere lacks fresh fruits during early spring, but the "Meishan Chunju" is able to conquer countless Chinese and overseas foodies thanks to its unique combination of sweetness-acidity balance, juiciness, crunchy yet soft texture with little fiber, distinct flavor profile and wealth of nutrients.

Meishan, a city situated in the west of China, has long been known as the "China's home of longevity" and birthplace of esteemed ancient scholar Su Dongpo. With a time-honored history of citrus cultivation, Meishan has accumulated extensive citrus cultivation traditions and sophisticated techniques, and local citrus were already renowned as imperial tributes as far back as Tang dynasty some 1,200 years ago. Located around the 30th parallel north, Meishan's mild climate has neither severe winters nor harsh summers, and very few frost or snow, which are conditions ideal for fruits to survive winter. The unique purple soil here is well-endowed in nutrients and elements like calcium, phosphorous and potassium that are particularly conducive to the growth of citrus. In recent years, Meishan has actively pursued cooperation with scientific research institutions to speed up the conversion of scientific and technical research outcomes in areas such as new species and new technologies, resulting in prominent competitive advantages enjoyed by "Meishan Chunju" and quickly building a reputation as "China's home of late-maturing citrus".

"Meishan Chunju" is a regional public brand for the Meishan citrus industry and is represented by the high-quality, late-maturing citrus grown locally in Meishan and comprised of eight pillar varieties, namely Buzhihuo, Chunjian, Qingjian, Aiyuan No.38, Dayagan, Wogan, Makedou and Penggan. At the same time, it is a geographical indication and Danling Jucheng, Qingshen Penggan and Pengzu Shougan have obtained national protection of geographical indication status and agro-product geographical indication status, as introduced by Li Yong'an, a researcher at the Meishan Dongpo District Citrus Industry Promotion Service Center.

"Meishan Chunju" ripens in spring and embodies the delights of the season. With carpel membrane as thin and light as the wings on a moth, and soft and succulent sacs filled with juice, peel apart a Meishan Chunju and revel in the spray of fragrant mist, then take a bite and relish in the juice that flows across the palate like a crystal spring. Use the tongue to lightly squeeze on a juice follicle and let it explode in a conglomeration of tantalizing sweetness, with a gastronome going so far as to claim that Meishan Chunju is the "explosive caviar in the world of fruits".

A healthy produce, the "Meishan Chunju" has been honored as a "Leading Food Safety Brand of China". Safety and quality are guaranteed by upholding ecological and healthy principles, sticking to an ecological cultivation model that features aspects such as orchard row-middle Sod maintenance, environment-friendly protection and control and irrigation-fertilization integration, and adhering to citrus production technical specifications and "Meishan Chunju" collective product standards. Highly nutritious with a rich content of vitamin C, citric acid and other healthy substances, Meishan Chunju is beloved for its thirst-quenching, appetizing, tonic and beautifying qualities, dubbed the "gastronomic miracle of the 30th parallel north" and the "soft gold" among fruits.

"Meishan Chunju" is a symbol of prosperity among common folks. At present, the whole city of Meishan has around 1.05 million mu in citrus plantations, including 880,000 mu for late-maturing citrus. The city's citrus industry is valued at RMB11.5 billion, employs 1.03 million persons and records more than RMB10,000 in income increase per capita, genuinely making it a top industry for promoting income growth in farmers.

Today, not only has the Meishan Chunju build up a stellar reputation across the nation, but can also be found in markets as far as Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and North America. These late-ripening fruits are aptly delivering the best tastes of spring to all corners of the world.

SOURCE Meishan Municipal People's Government

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