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Virtual Press Office Exhibitor Profiles: 2016 IEEE International Microwave Symposium
IMS2016 is in San Francisco from May 22-27

NEW YORK, May 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The following event roundup from Virtual Press Office is a list of featured exhibitors for International Microwave Symposium (IMS2016), the premier annual international meeting for technologists involved in all aspects of microwave theory and practice, which takes place from May 22-27 at Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.

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IMS2016 press kits on Virtual Press Office

Booth #356
Pioneering the mmW revolution, we are a fabless semiconductor company providing highly integrated silicon core IC solutions and silicon front ends for mmW markets.
Our technology portfolio of Silicon AESA Core ICs and System-in-Package solutions is years ahead of the market, allowing our customers the fastest-time-to-market possible, with expert systems engineering and optimal technology solutions. Our goal is to leverage our outstanding design capabilities to achieve the smallest, lowest cost, and best performing ICs for the mmW 5G, AESA, Radar, SATCOM, and point-to-point markets.

mmW Si Core ICs
mmW Front End ICs

Integra Technologies Inc.
Booth #850
Integra Technologies is the premier designer and manufacturer of high-power RF transistors, pallets and amplifier subassemblies to the global Avionics, Radar, Air Traffic Control, Wireless Communication and ISM (industrial, scientific, medical) industries, with an enviable portfolio covering frequency bands in the VHF, UHF, L, S and C-bands, for commercial, military and defense markets.  Integra is the only comprehensive supplier of the following semiconductor technologies from its own high-reliability all-gold-metallization 6" wafer fab: GaN on SiC, Silicon bipolar, VDMOS and LDMOS. Privately owned and operated since its beginnings in 1997, Integra employs nearly 100 people at its world headquarters located in El Segundo, CA and at its design centers in El Dorado Hills, CA and Phoenix, AZ. Integra's top RF design engineers are experts in patented die optimization techniques for maximum output power and efficiency at pulsed conditions, and in 50-ohm internally matched transistors with smaller size and weight, leading to transistor and design cost savings at the system level. With 2 decades of experience and relationships with Tier-1 defense contractors, ISO-certified Integra Technologies is focused on customer satisfaction through prompt technical support and customized solutions. Integra provides the best of both worlds: Fast Response and Ample Production Capacity. All devices are 100%-screened for large-signal parameters.
PLEASE VISIT US AT IMS 2016 in San Francisco at Booth 850. For additional info, please visit

International Manufacturing Services
Booth #1227
Since 1974, IMS has been supplying the electronics manufacturing industries with highest quality thick and thin film chip resistors, terminations, attenuators, couplers, thermal management devices and other RF and Microwave components. Our industry leading thick film technology has resulted in numerous surface mount breakthroughs, including the development of thick film on high thermal conductivity Aluminum Nitride (AlN) ceramic chip resistors and RF Terminations and the first 1,000,000,000,000W chip resistor. That's 1 Teraohm. Today these devices are part of our standard offering as we continue to introduce new thick film innovations. Our most innovative products are created as a result of close partnering and professional consultation with our customers, culminating in a high quality unique solution, over a short lead time.
For more information, visit, or contact the company at 50 Schoolhouse Lane, Portsmouth, RI, 02871 USA, Tel. 401-683-9700, Fax 401-683-5571, e-mail:

MCV Microwave
Booth #416
MCV-Microwave (Booth #416) designs, manufactures and markets high performance custom filters, antennas and dielectric resonators with Q x f up to 300,000 at 10 GHz. MCV offers high power ceramic filters with low PIM and custom narrow band bandpass and bandreject filters with sharp roll-off which are ideal to solve interference and co-location problems. Meta material antenna effectively solves LTE band and Wi-Fi interference. MCV bandpass, band reject, highpass, lowpass, multiplexer, MIMO Filters and PIFA broadband antennas cover UHF/VHF, 4G LTE, GPS, ISM and SATCOM bands. Applications of MCV ceramic, lumped element, combline cavity and waveguide filters and antennas include cellular DAS, small cell, in-building networks, TMA, IoT, public safety, industrial and military applications.

RADX Technologies
Booth #1526
RADX is a DSP-focused small business that develops the LibertyGT family of award-winning, modular, COTS, software-defined, touchscreen optimized, real-time RF and microwave Signal Analyzers and benchtop Automated Test Systems (ATS). At IMS2016, RADX will demo both the LGT1211B ATS and the new LGT1410 Real-Time Vector Signal Analyzer. RADX is an NI Silver Alliance / RF and Wireless Alliance Partner with decades of experience developing advanced, real-time Xilinx and Altera FPGA, multicore, and GPGPU solutions for T&M and software-defined communications applications.  For more information please visit or email

Booth #1114
Remcom provides electromagnetic simulation and site-specific radio propagation software for analyzing complex EM problems and antenna propagation.  We empower design engineers with unique solutions for navigating today's rapidly changing technologies.
Remcom's suite of products simplifies EM analysis for a wide variety of applications including antenna design and placement, 5G MIMO, biomedical applications, SAR validation, microwave devices and waveguides, radar/scattering, wireless propagation, military defense, automotive radar, and more.

Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations
Booth #1927
For more information, visit

W. L. Gore & Associates
Booth #1547
For more information, visit

The above press kits will continue to be updated throughout the show. Please check back during IMS2016 for the latest news.

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