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SiteZeus Democratizes Location Intelligence with Launch of the Synergy Power Gauge™
Leading Location Intelligence Software-as-a-Service platform takes a big step towards the democratization of artificial intelligence and machine learning with the addition of the Synergy Power Gauge

LAS VEGAS, May 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- (RECon 2016) -- SiteZeus™, the leader in location intelligence technology for emerging and established brands, brokers and developers, today launched the Synergy Power Gauge™, the groundbreaking software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that is democratizing location intelligence (a form of artificial intelligence) and machine learning to create a holistic end-user experience that is completely user-driven. SiteZeus will demonstrate the Synergy Power™ Gauge during RECon: The Global Retail Real Estate Convention, taking place May 22-25 in Las Vegas. 

SiteZeus is the new evolution in location intelligence, driven by exceptionally engineered big data systems and unparalleled data visualization technology. The company has established the science behind a powerfully accurate location intelligence process - all completely user-driven through state-of-the-art, web-based technology.

The Synergy Power Gauge acts as a confidence metric that users can continually attempt to improve by adding additional data points into the SiteZeus engine. As true predictably improves, the gauge represents what level of accuracy a user has attained. SiteZeus measures true accuracy by back testing or "cross validating" every existing site/store in a user's account by leaving each location out of the predictive model and forecasting back on it, ultimately measuring the difference of actual to projected sales/performance.

"With the launch of the Synergy Power Gauge, we're the first to perform these incredibly intensive computations on the fly in a user-driven experience, all from the convenience of a web browser," said Hannibal Baldwin, co-founder of SiteZeus. "The Synergy Power Gauge allows for 100 percent user-created created AI with absolutely zero implementation. It's as easy as loading a spreadsheet and as powerful as knowing with confidence how well your next store will perform."

The Synergy Power Gauge is the latest capability to come from SiteZeus Synergy™ that provides turnkey real estate solutions and consumer analytics to growing retail brands of all types. Using SiteZeus Synergy, brands can have immediate, actionable insights into exactly who their target customer is, how their competition affects them, national feasibility optics and sales forecasting.

In addition to the Synergy Power Gauge, SiteZeus Synergy also includes the following capabilities:

  • A Quadrant Analysis Scatter Plot for optimizing existing portfolio stores by visualizing forecasted vs. actual sales results and categorizing stores in Grow, Study, Optimize and Relocate quadrants.
  • A Predictive Outlier List showing the top 10 percent of the most inaccurate projections. This allows the user to take a proactive approach to enhancing and increasing their predictive accuracy by using human intuition to determine what store characteristics are potentially missing from SiteZeus to then determine which data points they can source to make SiteZeus more intelligent and forecast more accurately.

Since the official rollout last year, emerging and well-known retailers, restaurants, banks, hotels, healthcare facilities and more have turned to SiteZeus for its unparalleled blend of big-data driven location intelligence and next generation geospatial technology. Brands and franchisees including First Watch Café, Blaze Pizza, Hardee's franchisees, Sonny's BBQ and many more use SiteZeus to understand their core attribute drivers for their existing and new locations on a local, regional and national level, ultimately driving more rapid and profitable real estate decisions.

"SiteZeus is breaking new ground when it comes to the ability to consume, analyze and distribute relevant information in the data-driven, geospatial world we now live in," said Richard Renninger, Chief Development Officer of First Watch and a member of SiteZeus' Board of Directors. "It's the only technology out there designed exclusively for the commercial real estate industry including brokers, developers and growing retail brands of all industries."

SiteZeus Synergy is available for $2,500 per month. Contact or call 800.611.0738 to schedule a demo and speak to a SiteZeus Synergist. For more information, visit

About SiteZeus
SiteZeus™ is the new evolution in location intelligence, driven by exceptionally engineered big data systems and unparalleled data visualization technology. SiteZeus™ is establishing the science and art behind a Powerfully Accurate Location Intelligence™ process for emerging and established brands, brokers and developers alike. All completely user-driven through state of the art web-based technology. The company's flagship offering, SiteZeus Synergy™, enables brands to grow their existing business with a confident and calculated approach. For more information, visit


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