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Kronos Foods Rolls Out KronoBroil Gyros Meat To Provide Authentic Sliced-From-The-Cone Gyros Without Specialized Foodservice Equipment
New Production Technology Allows Gyros to Expand Beyond the Specialty Restaurant

GLENDALE HEIGHTS, Ill., May 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Kronos Foods, industry-leading manufacturer of gyros and other Mediterranean food, today said that at the National Restaurant Association Show May 21 – 24, it will introduce KronoBroil™ flame cooked, sliced gyros meat that provides a true authentic gyros experience, allowing food service operators to serve the popular specialty ethnic food without specialized equipment.

At the NRA show, Kronos is showcasing gyros across all day parts with various recipes, utilizing its KronoBroil gyros slices. The new product is the only authentically cone-carved gyros meat available outside of restaurants that utilize the cone broiling equipment invented by Kronos' founder in the early 1970's. KronoBroil gyros slices allows fast casual, chain, college and university and other food service operators to serve gyros in all day parts without the traditional cooking equipment. Cones of spicy meat cooked on vertical broilers are the hallmark of a genuine gyros restaurant but the equipment, labor and time needed to carve the cone prohibits most food service operators from serving gyros, according to Kronos CEO Howard Eirinberg.

"The genuine gyros taste experience is a direct result of meat that has been seared to sizzling perfection on a rotating vertical broiler, and nothing truly matches that exact texture and taste unless it is sliced directly from the cone," said Eirinberg. "Our new high-tech robotic production process provides authentic quality gyros slices that are virtually identical to the color, flavor and texture that consumers have come to love and crave."

Gyros sales top $100M annually, according to industry experts and the gyros sandwich keeps gaining in popularity along with all Mediterranean foods, Eirinberg added.

"Consumers say they would eat even more if it was available in additional restaurants," Eirinberg said. "The confines of kitchen equipment no longer define how authentic gyros meat can be served to the customer who seeks a rich, flavorful ethnic experience."

To create the slices, Kronos starts with 500 lb. versions of the same high quality cones that are available in small scale restaurants, and sears the meat at a high temperature for optimal texture and appearance. A series of computerized, laser guided knives respond to temperature cues to determine when the outer layer is ready for carving from the cones, resulting in varied sizes of meat slices that are consistent with hand carving.

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