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Ziero Finance Earns Coveted Slot at LendIt Global Conference
Financial Wellness Solution Provider will Present at LendIt USA's Pitchit @ Lendit Event

SAN FRANCISCO, April 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Ziero Finance, a provider of solutions that let employers offer zero-interest loans to employees, has been selected by LenditUSA, the largest conference series on global online lending, to present at its PitchIt @ LendIt event, a leading competition for fintech startups. Ziero is one of just 8 fintech innovators selected from a pool of 92 entrants. Ziero will present its platform that creates valuable financial perks by connecting employers and employees to financial institutions for turnkey interest-free loans. The PitchIt @ LendIt competition takes place at LendItUSA in San Francisco on April 11, 2016, 3:55-5:45pm PDT.

Ziero debuts in the online lending market with a mission to offer employers a solution that helps employees through personal financial events. "We came up with the idea for Ziero based on our experience in finance and technology," said Benny Yiu, CEO of Ziero Financial. "We realized new platforms can provide innovative loan products that deliver value to multiple parties, and have designed it to offer real financial relief to working people across the country." Ziero's innovative solution revolutionizes employee benefits and the financial wellness space by enabling employers to offer employees immediate access to small loans that typically range from $2,500 to $5,000. Ziero partners with capital providers to make available simple repayment terms and zero-interest financing for employees, with employers covering the flat one-time fee.

By providing this valuable benefit, Ziero gives financially-stretched employees access to a powerful alternative to high-interest credit cards and predatory payday loans. It can be used to help with medical deductibles, moving costs, unexpected car repairs, and more. "This type of benefit is extremely valuable because it's uniquely suited to a 21st century workforce that prizes flexibility," said Nate Randall, Founder and President of Ursa Major Consulting and former Head of Global Benefits and Employee Experience at a Fortune 1000 company. "From new hires to veterans, employers are recognizing their people have individual needs, tastes and preferences, and that it's hard to tailor benefits to everyone's situation. Making available a zero-interest loan is a brilliant way to deliver financial flexibility that meets everyone's needs. It's a smart tool for attraction, retention, and overall productivity."

Ziero's platform allows employers to control loan eligibility. It promotes attraction and retention as part of an employee benefits portfolio, or as a perk based on tenure or performance. Employers are also relieved of complications from directly lending, managing and collecting on loans to their staff.

About Ziero Finance
Ziero is a company with a social mission to offer a valuable financial perk for the modern workforce. Ziero empowers all employers to provide improved financial wellness and flexibility to employees through access to zero-interest small loans. Founded in 2015, Ziero is based in San Francisco, CA. For more information, email, or visit:


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