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FEV features 48-Volt hybrid technology at 2016 SAE World Congress

AUBURN HILLS, Mich., April 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- With the proliferation of components and systems that require electrical power in today's vehicle, the standard 12-Volt battery has been pushed to its limits.  Under idle conditions and especially under low-temperature conditions, current 12V electrical systems can account for the entire power output of a conventional alternator.  Increasing the vehicle's power network (or portions thereof) to a higher voltage reduces losses in the vehicles distribution system.  At higher voltages (over about 60V) safety regulations make this a much more challenging effort. 

FEV believes that 48-Volt technology will be the next evolution in in-vehicle power and, as a leading developer of advanced powertrain, vehicle systems and connected vehicle technology, is playing a lead role in the development and integration of 48-Volt components and systems. FEV will display some of its 48-Volt technology capabilities on April 12 – 14 at the 2016 SAE World Congress at Cobo Center in Detroit.

Industry OEM's are facing significant challenges in terms of meeting fleet consumption thresholds in nearly all of their production vehicle segments.  Vehicle electrification will play a significant role in finding a solution path.  However, the plug-in hybrid that offers so much benefit in this regard also necessitates massive intervention into the design of the transmission which generates additional cost.  These costs then need to be amortized over what, at least for the moment, are relatively small production volumes. 

FEV engineers are working on a mild hybrid approach that has promise, in this regard, since accommodating a 48-Volt architecture does not require a complete redevelopment of the entire powertrain.  FEV engineers used the AMG45 as a technology carrier to demonstrate how a production-compatible solution might look by advantageously integrating an additional 48 volt E-Charger. 

The e-charger, incorporated into the AMG technology demonstration vehicle, was a way for FEV to showcase its capabilities to support this upcoming technology.  The e-charger combined with a high power vehicle electrical system supports downsized engines with high specific power by improving transient response and low-end torque.

A 48-Volt system also enables new vehicle features with high power demand like active damping, electric power steering, and off-engine climatization. In combination with a 48-Volt battery and 12-Volt DC/DC converter, mild hybridization is also possible.

The system's capabilities can be used to obtain a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 15 percent via down-speeding or, alternatively, used to increase performance and provide even better responsiveness.  FEV engineers performed the mechanical integration of e-Booster hardware and modified the charging system, integrated the 48V electric system, and performed all the Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP), functional development and calibration for the e-Booster operating strategy. Also contributing to its environmental advantage is the fact that raw engine emissions can be reduced by supplying transient boost more rapidly.

About FEV Group
The FEV Group is an internationally recognized powertrain and vehicle engineering company that supports the global transportation industry.  FEV offers a complete range of engineering services, providing support across the globe to customers in the design, analysis, prototyping, powertrain and transmission development, as well as vehicle integration, calibration and homologation for advanced internal combustion gasoline-, diesel-, and alternative-fueled powertrains. FEV also designs, develops and prototypes advanced vehicle / powertrain electronic control systems and hybrid-electric engine concepts that address future emission and fuel economy standards. 

The company has expanded its engineering capabilities to include full vehicle systems and now offers broad expertise in electronics, telematics and infotainment system engineering. The FEV Testing Solutions division is a global supplier of advanced test cell, instrumentation and test equipment.  The FEV Group employs a staff of over 4,000 highly skilled specialists at advanced technical centers on three continents.  FEV North America, Inc. employs over 450 personnel in its North American Technical Center in Auburn Hills, MI. For more information, visit

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