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New Independent Research Documents 12.7% Boost in Return on Marketing Spend for Customers Adopting Beckon's Marketing Intelligence Software
Study reveals Beckon customers gaining more than $8.5 million in benefits over three years.

SAN MATEO, Calif. and SAN FRANCISCO, March 21, 2016  /PRNewswire/ -- (MarTech USA 2016 Booth #627) -- Beckonthe leader in marketing intelligence software, today unveiled at MarTech USA 2016 that an independent study by Forrester Consulting shows Beckon customers enjoy, on average, a 12.7% boost in return on their marketing spend and more than $8.5 million in benefits over three years. The Forrester study, which is based on interviews and surveys conducted with 11 Beckon customers who are leading brands in the US and the UK with multiple years of experience using the Beckon platform, concludes that there is a 513% return on an investment in Beckon software and it pays for itself in only one month. The full Forrester study, "The Total Economic Impact of Beckon," can be downloaded here.

"Customers have been telling us for years that Beckon helps them measure everything, learn fast, spend wisely and optimize in real time, transforming their business and giving them far better results from their marketing investment," said Beckon CEO Jennifer Zeszut." But we are a data-driven company, so it was critical that we quantify the improvement our customers see. Forrester's independent perspective and thorough methodology was just what we wanted. Forrester documented clear cost savings, but more importantly, we feel it quantified the improved business results that Beckon drives. What marketing leader would not want a 12.7% jump in business results from the same marketing spend?"

In addition to performance improvement benefits, Forrester found a significant reduction in costs to create reports and marketing analytics headcountsmore than $1 million over three years. Beckon customers discussed other, less quantifiable benefits as well, including bringing a "data center of excellence mindset to the organization" and the "removal of the 'fox from the henhouse' when it comes to evaluating agency performance"referring to concern that agencies may have a vested interest in showing positive performance over fully transparent analysis.

Forrester attributes the business performance boost that comes from Beckon to customers' ability to access a single source of truth for marketing performance data through easy-to-use dashboards, scorecards and analytics tools. It found that prior to Beckon, companies had no single system of record for real-time, omnichannel marketing spend and performance data. As a result, it was impossible to make adjustments that improved the organization's return on marketing spend. By automating intake, visualization and reporting of marketing data with Beckon, Forrester found that "marketing leadership can get data insights that help them optimize discretionary marketing spend and, throughout the month, reallocate marketing funds to drive marketing investment performance."

"Agile, data-driven marketing is a goal that's discussed in every conversation I have with CMOs and at every marketing leadership conference I attend," said Zeszut. "There is an intuitive sense that being smarter and more efficient about how we spend our marketing dollars will make our businesses grow faster. We believe this study validates that intuition. But to be an agile, data-driven marketing organization, you need an agile, data-driven, marketing-optimized platform and partner like Beckon to make it possible."

The information above is from a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Beckon.

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Casey Bush
PR Director, Beckon