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Gulfstream Gardens will Demonstrate Sage Analytics Upgraded Beacon Cannabis Testing Device at CannaCon

DENVER, Feb. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Sage Analytics (, the developers of portable, laboratory-quality cannabis potency measurement systems, announced that Gulfstream Gardens, one of the company's valued distributors, will be presenting and demonstrating the Beacon cannabis testing system at CannaCon, February 18-20 in Seattle.

CannaCon is billed as, "Where the cannabis industry does business," and will host over 200 companies from virtually every market niche within the cannabis industry.

The Sage Beacon has recently been upgraded with a more robust data model, which allows the unit to test a wider range of flowers and extracts, with an even higher degree of accuracy. The upgrade, as with all of Sage Analytics' data updates, is built into new units, and is provided to existing customers by connecting to the Internet or via a flash drive.

Gulfstream Gardens is a distributor of Sage Analytics portable cannabis potency measurement systems, which are finding wide support among growers worldwide. Gulfstream Gardens supports the needs of cannabis cultivators striving for high quality and treasured yields, by offering the very best equipment in the industry, as well as expertise and support.

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Sage Analytics created a shift in the cannabis industry by adopting FDA-approved technology used in the pharmaceutical industry, to test marijuana potency with a high degree of accuracy and affordability. Sage Analytics can replace or augment current testing methodologies, which are expensive and often insufficient due to the inherent drawbacks of small batch testing. Consumers, regulators and canna-business owners are demanding quicker and more accurate testing methods, and Sage Analytics provides a significant component to improving this industry-wide challenge.






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