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Embarking on a Journey of Ten Thousand Miles with Strong Wind, Bearing the Weight of a Thousand Pounds and Striving Ahead Once More

The 16th China (Xiamen) International Boat Show Will Be Inaugurated on November 10

XIAMEN, China, Nov. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- To establish the coordinates of the times and welcome the wind from all directions. The 16th China (Xiamen) International Boat Show (hereinafter referred to as "Xiamen International Boat Show") will be grandly inaugurated on November 10 at Wuyuan Bay Yacht Marina.

Xiamen International Boat Show, as a part of IFBSO (International Federation of Boat Show Organisers) boat shows and one of the supporting professional exhibitions of Xiamen World Ocean Week, has been successfully held for 15 times since 2008, and has become a composite international boat show integrating "exhibitions, forums, events and activities", which is always committed to being a leader in the yacht industry and a promoter of New Coastal Life, being known as the most influential "water-land linkage" boat show in China.

"Yacht +", a New Concept of Coastal Life

Under the guidance of the trend of the times and the favorable policies of the state, this year's exhibition will focus on the theme of "New Coastal Life", a new upgrade of the concept of "yacht +" to create an open and experiential water-land linkage boat show and present a marine leisure style.

The land and water exhibition area will reach 40,000m2, with five exhibition areas including land exhibition area, water exhibition area, sailing experience area, boat experience area and food carnival. It is expected that over 70 boats will make a wonderful appearance, over 100 various OP, Topper, and Flying Tiger sailboats will compete on the spot, and dozens of industry exchange events, professional supporting activities, and water carnival activities will be staged in turn.

Style Competition Showcasing Highlights of Global Yachts 

As one of the most concerned yacht exhibitions in the second half of the year, this Xiamen International Boat Show has brought together super yachts, luxury yachts, flybridge yachts, sports yachts, fishing boats, ski boats, sailboats, motor boats, popular new energy boats, as well as accessories and service providers for various types of boats, and sports and leisure industry exhibits introduced around "yacht +", which can be described as a variety of highlights——

International famous brands will gather together, covering companies such as Moon Ocean, Speedo Marine, DCH Boats, Adeline Yachts, Omnia Marine, Jetset Marine, Baohai Club, Yuhangxin Yacht, Ludao Sailing Yacht Club, Wu Marine, and Linghanghui Yacht, bringing Azimut, Beneteau, Ferretti, Riva, Sunseeker, Princess, Chris Craft, Master Craft, Nautique, Parker, Flipper, Bavaria, Grady-White, Crownline, Leopard, Quick Silver, Hanse and other well-known brand boats. More than 30 international brand boats will be exhibited, spanning 11 countries and regions including the United States, New Zealand, Germany, Finland, Poland, Japan, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom, bringing Asia's only Italian brand superyacht Azimut Grande S10, China's first Polish brand Delphia D11 Fly diesel yacht, as well as the country's first Italian brand Rivamare, known as the "Rolls-Royce of yachts".

Domestic brands will showcase their charm, with domestic yacht manufacturers such as Yihong, Vastocean, Hangtong, Huanzhu, Red Dragon, Ocean Master, Whaler, Far East, Yuehao, Diamond, Qianhang, and Puccini showcasing their construction strength, including the Yihong SeaStella 63, one of the first commercial luxury yachts launched in China, and the Puccini Jing 650, the world's first Cloisonne-decorated craft yacht. The J80 Asian Class Association will also make its debut at the show.

Many accessory manufacturers and service providers such as Chi Fu Mon, Ironrock sailing, Hasda Electric, Hengwei Electronic, Jianhao Sports, Heng Feng Long, Bolon Shipping Equipment, Raymarine, Shending Intelligent Technology, Dongying Haipu, Wuyuan Yacht Culture, Oceanway, Hopad Electronics, Huayang Maritime Center, ZT Insurance Brokerage and XMXYG Wine will also participate in the exhibition.

To illustrate the concept of "yacht +", the exhibition will introduce for the first time special exhibits such as Geneinno unmanned underwater intelligent equipment, Jiangsu Nauticn water surfing and ziplining, Shanghai Yujet, Shanghai Sonic characteristic houseboat, and Decent Ocean Sports Car. Kawasaki, Bombardier and other internationally renowned brands will bring motorboat displays to concretely demonstrate the development trend and richness of "New Coastal Life".

Looking Forward to the Future and Drawing a Blueprint for Industry Development

Over the past 16 years, Xiamen International Boat Show has always been striving to build a professional exchange platform for the industry and broaden ideas for the sustainable development of the yacht industry. A series of professional supporting activities will also be carried out during this exhibition.

Focusing on market demand, possessing an international perspective and paying attention to the most cutting-edge technologies and topics in the industry, this Xiamen International Boat Show will hold a yacht industry development forum with the theme of "How to Build a World-Class Leisure and Sailing Tourism Port in Xiamen". Special guests, including Xu Zheng, General Manager of Zhichao Yacht, Wan Xiaokang, Co-founder/CTO of ePropulsion, Tu Shan, Associate Professor of the Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University/Famous Designer, Wei Jun, Founder of the Ironrock Sailing/Famous Navigator, and Hu Yan, General Manager of Clipper Round-The-World Yacht Race in China, will be present to deeply discuss the advantages of the leisure boat industry and jointly explore the future development of China's yacht economy.

Zhuang Shaorong, Chairman of Oceanway Yacht, who has been engaged in yacht professional media and market observation and analysis for many years, will use a yacht-themed salon to popularize yacht-related knowledge, laws and regulations, spread yacht life and the future development of the yacht industry, and talk about our strange and familiar yachts.

In the mean time, this year's exhibition will also focus on new products, new technologies, new materials, and new models in the yacht industry. Exhibitors will be invited to use the exhibition platform to hold a special promotion meeting for yacht brands, actively explore new opportunities and directions for industrial development, and empower the development of the industry.

Fun to Play in the Sea, with Various Patterns of Wave-Treading and Sailing

In recent years, the Xiamen International Boat Show has led the consumption trend of marine leisure activities and enhanced public participation and interest by creating a series of distinctive seaside carnival activities and establishing the brand of "New Coastal Life", thus realizing its transformation from a yacht equipment exhibition to a yacht lifestyle exhibition.

This Xiamen International Boat Show will integrate the concept of "yacht +", and present diversified scenarios of "New Coastal Life":

Cozy yacht afternoon tea, hot band performances, wonderful fancy cocktails, eye-catching model cruises, and romantic yacht night banquets, will bring exhibitors a full range of audio-visual enjoyment;

Wake surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, electric hydrofoil boarding, net celebrity pedal boating, and sailboat cruising, which have been popular since their debut during last year's show, will make a surprise return this year, and exhibitors will have the opportunity to experience these coastal activities and enjoy the water carnival for free during this exhibition;

The exhibition will cooperate with the Little Reporters of Xiamen Daily to carry out an academic research of marine culture, lead them to learn and understand navigation knowledge and marine culture, and set sail with them to get close to the blue ocean.

At the same time as the exhibition, the national silver medal event named the 3rd "Ocean Star Cup" Youth Sailing Race and the independent brand event of Wuyuan Bay Yacht Marina named the 2nd Sailing Invitational Tournament of 2023 "Soctopus Cup" will be held at Wuyuan Bay to present the passion and charm of sailing.

The "Coast Listening·Music Collection" series of activities successfully created by Amoy International Yacht Banquet this year will also be staged during the exhibition, with not only musical performances by street performers, but also trunk market activities such as featured cuisine and trendy toys.

Embark on a magnificent voyage and forge ahead with dreams. With the goal of building an industrial exchange platform and piloting the new coastal life, China (Xiamen) International Boat Show has been developing with the yacht industry and enterprises, and sharing the charm of coastal life with the public, contributing to the development of the yacht industry in Xiamen and even in China. 

The 16th China (Xiamen) International Boat Show

Time: November 10-13, 2023

Venue: Xiamen Wuyuan Bay Yacht Marina, China

Hosts: China Association of the National Shipbuilding Industry, Xiamen Road & Bridge Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Organizers: Yacht Industry Development Association of Fujian, the People's Government of Huli District of Xiamen, Xiamen Road & Bridge Urban Service and Development Co., Ltd.

Co-organizers: Fujian Association of Shipbuilding Industry, Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Ocean Development

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