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BD Supports Hangzhou Singclean Medical's Global Strategic Expansion with a 300 Million RMB Medical Cosmetology Cooperation Announcement at CIIE

SHANGHAI, Nov. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 9, during the 6th CIIE, Hangzhou Singclean Medical and BD reached a strategic partnership agreement in the field of pharmaceutical systems. As part of this agreement, they expressed their intention for an order of hyaluronic acid (HA) prefillable syringes (PFS) valued at 300 million RMB. This collaboration aims to enhance the experiences of millions of beauty enthusiasts, offering them safer and higher-quality solutions. Looking ahead, the two companies plan to work together to elevate the standards of medical cosmetology and skincare services, collectively setting a new standard for quality in the field. Their shared goal is to introduce a wider range of Chinese-made medical cosmetology products to the global market. The signing ceremony was attended by Sun Weiqing, General Manager of Hangzhou Singclean Medical, and Jiang Wei, Vice President of Strategic Innovation and Business Excellence for BD Greater China.

Intention for 300 Million RMB Cooperation Reached, Benefiting Tens of Millions of Beauty Enthusiasts

In recent years, with the rise of the "beauty economy", the public's awareness of image management has gradually increased, and their awareness of medical aesthetics has gradually increased. The medical aesthetics market has developed rapidly. Due to the advantages of short recovery time and low risk of complications, non-surgical methods such as injections are playing an important role in the medical aesthetics industry. Among them, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) injection has become one of the highly sought-after medical cosmetology services.

The injectable gels represented by Hyaluronic Acid are mostly packaged in prefillable syringes (PFS), a kind of medical syringes with both drug storage and injection functions. As such gels for medical cosmetology use requires greater injection pressure due to high viscosity, poor fluidity, etc., the connection between needles and syringes is easily disconnected in clinical operation, which may lead to the risk of leakage and product contamination. In order to improve the clinical performance, these products have higher requirements for PFS. 

At the CIIE, during the strategic cooperation agreement between Hangzhou Singclean Medical and BD, an intention to purchase BD Hylok™-based prefilled syringe products for 300 million RMB was reached. This is expected to provide a higher quality beauty experience for millions of beauty enthusiasts. BD Hylok™, as designed by BD for viscous drugs, boasts a significantly increased pull-out force and torque in its LLA (Luer Lock Adaptor) compared to similar products. It offers an ideal solution for hyaluronic acid injections, effectively addressing the common and challenging issue of leakage during use by medical personnel.

Wei Jiang, Vice President of Strategic Innovation and Business Excellence for BD Greater China, explained, "Our global research indicates that dermatologists often encounter issues with product leakage due to the high injection pressure required for hyaluronic acid products, which significantly impacts the safety and experience of beauty enthusiasts. To address these challenges, BD Pharmaceutical Systems has been consistently innovating and has developed the BD Hylok™ product. This innovation aims to improve the overall user experience for medical cosmetology companies. Furthermore, the utilization of advanced glass processing techniques not only enhances the product's aesthetics but also assists medical cosmetology companies in distinguishing their products within a competitive market."

High-end Medical Cosmetology Products Help Chinese Manufacturing Go Global  

The field of medical cosmetology, originally from the United Kingdom and highly prevalent in the United States and South Korea, is relatively new to China. However, driven by a demographic dividend and economic growth, China's medical cosmetology has made remarkable progress over the past decade. It has achieved notable advancements in surgical innovations and clinical practices, surpassing other countries. Additionally, domestically produced medical cosmetology products are now on par with or even exceeding international standards in terms of manufacturing processes, the application of new technologies, and quality benchmarks.

Since its establishment in 2002, Hangzhou Singclean Medical, a company deeply rooted in the field of absorbable biomaterials in China, has leveraged its international supply chain and global market presence. It has focused on various sectors such as medical treatment, medical aesthetics, skincare products, in vitro diagnostic reagents, and more. The company has continually strengthened its focus on innovative research and development while enhancing its quality management system. Hangzhou Singclean Medical is committed to delivering high-quality products and has gained international recognition for its product quality. Hangzhou Singclean Medical is dedicated to the research and development of eight series of absorbable biomaterials, including Hyaluronic Acid, microporous polysaccharide, collagen, chitosan, oxidized regenerated cellulose, and more. This enables the company to provide diverse and innovative medical solutions for healthcare institutions and patients. Its products are now exported to over 80 countries and regions across Europe, South America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Hangzhou Singclean Medical and BD Pharmaceutical Systems have been collaborating in the area of injectable medical products for a long period of time. The glass prefillable syringes produced by BD have been used in the injectable medical cosmetology products of Singfiller and Singderm, as well as the medical sodium hyaluronate gels for ophthalmology and orthopedics under Hangzhou Singclean Medical. The products are widely recognized in the domestic and international markets for their excellent quality. 

Among them, Singfiller cross-linked sodium hyaluronate gel for biphasic injection has been sold in all Chinese provinces, with an average domestic monthly sales of more than 500,000 pieces, benefiting millions of medical cosmetology consumers. In addition, the products have been registered in the European Union, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries, and exported to more than 30 countries around the world, with the quality and sales comparable to major international brands. Singclean's sodium hyaluronate gel for orthopedics has been registered in more than 40 countries. The use of Singclean's sodium hyaluronate gel for ophthalmology has reached 600,000 pieces worldwide, offering reliable support for eye surgeries such as cataract removal and intraocular lens implantation in more than 30 countries.

Sun Weiqing, General Manager of Hangzhou Singclean Medical, expressed, "The achievement of this strategic cooperation agreement represents a formidable partnership, and we anticipate it will yield results greater than the sum of its parts. Hangzhou Singclean Medical will extend the application of our latest R&D accomplishments to a broader range of scenarios by strategically positioning ourselves in various regions and sectors. Within the framework of our strategic collaboration, we intend to expand our mutually beneficial cooperation into wider areas. Together, we will delve into the significant potential within the medical device sector, jointly establishing the standard for product quality in the medical aesthetics industry. Our joint efforts are dedicated to propelling the high-quality development of the domestic medical aesthetics industry and furthering the introduction of more Chinese-manufactured medical aesthetics products to the global stage."

Jiang Wei said at the CIIE, "BD will continue to leverage its unique expertise in improving the disease treatment and care process to support its partners' medical cosmetology service and medical products in the field of Prefillable Drug Delivery Systems. And we will collaborate to provide high-quality medical experiences for healthcare organizations and end-users and create new specifications for medical cosmetology services to benefit more beauty enthusiasts." 


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