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Combined Therapeutics to Present at 11th International mRNA Health Conference

Dr. Romain Micol, President and Chief Executive Officer, will provide an update on Combined Therapeutics' proprietary MOPCTx mRNA platform, which controls where the protein is expressed.

Positive preclinical data in non-human primates confirm MOPCTX platform's enhanced biodistribution profile, improved organ protection without compromise in efficacy, with potential to increase duration of protection and boost efficacy with adjuvants.

Company to advance its first vaccine candidates into IND filing.

BOSTON, Oct. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Combined Therapeutics Inc. (CTx), a privately held biotechnology company developing the next generation of mRNA therapeutics with a novel modified-mRNA platform to treat and prevent infectious diseases and cancer, today announced the participation of Romain Micol, M.D., MPH, Ph.D., President and CEO of Combined Therapeutics, as a speaker at the 11th International mRNA Health Conference, taking place Oct. 31-Nov. 2, 2023, in Berlin, Germany.

"CTx's participation in the 11th Annual International mRNA Health Conference provides a valuable opportunity to share and discuss the latest advancements in mRNA medicines development with leaders in the space," said Dr. Micol. "We look forward to presenting, for the first time, preclinical data on our proprietary MOPCTx mRNA platform that supports its potential to address the unmet medical needs in infectious diseases and cancer".

The MOPCTx mRNA platform confines protein expression to targeted tissues, which helps safeguard healthy organs, and provides the opportunity to safely leverage potent molecular adjuvants to increase vaccine potency. Combined has leveraged its MOPCTx technology with a COVID-19 MOP mRNA vaccine, and has shown, in non-human primates, a significant decrease in the circulation of the spike protein in plasma, while keeping a level of protection comparable to existing mRNA vaccine after a SARS-CoV2 challenge. Pre-clinical studies in small animals and non-human primates also showed that Combined's MOPCTx adjuvant could further provide a longer duration of protection, improve immunogenicity in vulnerable populations, and increase functional immunogenicity. "I am excited to have joined the Combined Therapeutics board of directors one year ago. The new milestones achieved by the company have the potential to generate a new class of high value mRNA medicines. This is paradigm-shifting – in both prophylactic vaccines and immuno-oncology", said Dr Robert Ruffolo, Director of the CTx Board.

Details of the oral presentation:

Title: Revolutionizing the next generation of mRNA medicines: improved biodistribution, safety and efficacy with the MOPCTX  Platform

Presenter: Dr. Romain Micol, President and CEO of Combined Therapeutics

Date: Wednesday, November 1

Time: 11:30 a.m. CET

Location: Mercure Hotel MOA, Berlin, Germany

Abstract: Targeting mRNA therapeutics to express proteins in specific tissues and cells is a critical medical objective for diverse medical applications, including vaccines, cancer treatments and gene therapies.  CTx has developed a multi-organ protection (MOPCTx ) mRNA platform that focuses on and controls protein expression in desired cells and tissues.  This is achieved by engineering non-coding regions within the mRNA itself utilizing cell-specific microRNAs.  Data will be presented for CTx's MOPCTx mRNA platform demonstrating preferential expression of antigens in targeted tissues while both protecting other tissues (including decreasing circulating immunogen concentration) and retaining vaccine efficacy. Additionally, leveraging the MOPCTx platform, CTx has developed a library of molecular adjuvants with its lead candidate demonstrating the capability to enhance immunogenicity, extend durability, reduce vaccine doses, and address vaccine limitations in immune compromised populations.  This platform both propels advancements in vaccine design and delivery and holds promise for enhancing diverse therapeutic medicines and modalities aiming at effective and targeted medical interventions.

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About Combined Therapeutics

Unlocking targeted medicines with our transformative mRNA platform

Combined Therapeutics Inc. (CTx) is a privately held biotechnology company developing the next generation of high value mRNA medicines  to protect populations, including the vulnerable, from global infectious diseases and to treat cancer. The company's unique and proprietary mRNA platform's increased safety profile resulting from controlled biodistribution and high specificity, is built around Multi Organ Protective (MOPCTx) binding miRNA sequences combined with therapeutic mRNAs, allowing the targeting of therapeutic protein expression in specific tissues while reducing off-target effects to protect key vital organs such as the heart, liver, and kidneys. The company's initial focus is on developing vaccines and vaccine adjuvants for infectious diseases and oncology indications with plans to initiate clinical development in 2024.

Combined Therapeutics is based in Boston and has international operations located in London and Paris. For more information, please visit the company's website at Follow the company on LinkedIn and X.

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