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Fast Lane Drive D.C.: An Exclusive Look at the Capital's Newest Supercar Playground

Luxury supercar enthusiasts, ready your engines because the world's largest and most exclusive supercar club is coming to Washington, D.C.

WASHINGTON, Oct. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- As the sun sets over the picturesque Potomac River and the city's iconic landmarks cast their evening glow, Fast Lane Drive D.C. promises to deliver an unparalleled luxury supercar experience. This elite club has a reputation for hosting unforgettable monthly rallies and special events, including extravagant dinners crafted by world-renowned chefs, exhilarating track days, rooftop soirees, and so much more.

An Exclusive Playground for Supercar Enthusiasts

Fast Lane Drive is not just another car club; it's an exclusive community where passion for supercars meets luxury, philanthropy, and camaraderie. With chapters spanning the globe, from Beverly Hills to Monaco, each location boasts a unique blend of breathtaking drives, opulent gatherings, and unrivaled experiences. Now, our nation's capital joins the elite roster of cities offering supercar enthusiasts the opportunity to live life in the fast lane.

Fast Lane Drive DC: What to Expect

So, what can members expect when the doors to Fast Lane Drive D.C. officially open? Fast Lane Drive's original founders curated a formula for the perfect luxury car club. Every month, members get together for a local rally or weekend trip. At local rallies, chapter organizers choose an iconic driving route where members can refine their skills on winding roads and straightaways. Then, drivers and their co-pilots meet for lunch and bonding before heading home to prepare for an unforgettable evening.

Alex Perdikis, Steven Bender, and Josh Jeffries of Fast Lane Drive D.C. are committed to the Fast Lane Drive vision, but they plan to bring it to life with D.C. style. 

Unparalleled Driving Routes

Washington, D.C., is known for its picturesque landscapes, and Fast Lane Drive D.C. has selected some of the most exhilarating driving routes in the area. From the rolling hills of Virginia to the scenic byways of Maryland, members can expect to navigate winding roads that offer a perfect blend of challenging curves and breathtaking vistas. The iconic Blue Ridge Parkway, the charming Skyline Drive, and the captivating Great Falls National Park are just a few of the jaw-dropping destinations awaiting Fast Lane Drive D.C. members.

Philanthropy in the Fast Lane

Each Fast Lane chapter engages in charity drives, fundraising events, and partnerships with charitable organizations that are close to members' hearts. Members understand the importance of using their passion for the greater good, supporting local and global causes from Make-A-Wish, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and San Diego Coastkeeper. As they hit the road in their high-performance cars, Fast Lane Drive D.C. members drive not only for the thrill but also to make a positive impact on the world.

Membership: An Exclusive Opportunity

Fast Lane Drive membership is not just exclusive; it's a privilege extended to those who are truly dedicated to the world of supercars. The DC chapter is no exception, and spots are limited to ensure a personalized and intimate experience for every member.

Prospective members must undergo a rigorous selection process, ensuring that the Fast Lane Drive community remains dedicated to the passion of driving. To express interest or inquire about membership, individuals can visit the Fast Lane Drive website and complete an application. A select group of enthusiasts will then be invited to join the elite ranks of Fast Lane Drive D.C. To learn more, visit

The Fast Lane Drive Legacy

Fast Lane Drive offers supercar enthusiasts a level of luxury and exclusivity that transcends the ordinary. With chapters spanning the globe, this elite club has become synonymous with breathtaking drives, unforgettable events, and a passion for the art of driving.

With the opening of Fast Lane Drive D.C., this legacy of excellence and exclusivity continues to grow. The capital city, steeped in history and culture, is now the backdrop for the latest chapter in the Fast Lane Drive story. Members can anticipate the same dedication excitement, that has made Fast Lane Drive the ultimate destination for supercar enthusiasts worldwide.

This Year for Fast Lane Drive D.C.

Fast Lane Drive DC is poised to redefine the luxury supercar club experience in Washington, D.C. With its exclusive membership, unparalleled driving routes, monthly rallies, culinary extravaganzas, track days, and rooftop happy hours, it is set to become the go-to destination for discerning supercar enthusiasts in the nation's capital.

For those fortunate enough to secure a coveted membership, Fast Lane Drive DC promises an extraordinary journey through the world of high-performance automobiles. Buckle up, because the ride of a lifetime is about to begin.

Clement Connor

SOURCE Fast Lane Drive