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MISSOULA, Mont., Sept. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Inimmune, a leading clinical stage biotech company focused on the development of novel vaccine adjuvants, immunotherapies and delivery systems, announced today that its Chief Operating Officer, Dr. David Burkhart, will give a plenary presentation at the upcoming 17th Vaccine Congress in Glasgow, Scotland September 24-27th. The event brings together leading vaccine experts, researchers, and scientists from around the world to discuss the latest advancements in vaccine research and development.

As part of the Influenza Plenary session, Dr. Burkhart's presentation titled "Discovery and development of next generation adjuvant systems for more effective vaccines" at 9:40 am local time, will provide data on Inimmune's novel adjuvants and their potential boosting of influenza vaccines. This update will highlight Inimmune's use of advanced adjuvant delivery systems to enhance vaccine efficacy and safety which are top priorities for the company. Inimmune scientists have developed nanoparticle based adjuvant formulations, which enhance the activity and stability of vaccines against pathogens, such as the flu. This plenary session will bring together academic and industry leaders in influenza vaccine design and development, to discuss the latest advancements towards improved vaccines against influenza, a viral pathogen which kills hundreds of thousands of people worldwide each year.

Dr. Burkhart said, "The annual Vaccine Congress conference is a great opportunity to present important data on our adjuvants to establish new collaborations with companies and universities from around the world, advancing new vaccines which may need an adjuvant to be successful."

Protection from infectious diseases is dependent on the human immune system and training of that immune system is often dependent on effective vaccines. Vaccine adjuvants like those being developed at Inimmune are used to enhance the immune response to vaccines. Adjuvants are also important in other areas of medicine, such as immuno-oncology and allergy, which are important health fields in which Inimmune has active programs or is entering clinical trials. Inimmune has an extensive pipeline of novel immunotherapeutics focused on developing stand-alone immunotherapies and innovative vaccine adjuvants and delivery systems to enhance global health.

"Inimmune has made significant progress in the design and cGMP production of what we feel are best-in-class adjuvants and adjuvant systems, and we look forward to seeing how these advancements impact future vaccines," stated Dr. Kendal Ryter, VP Product Development at Inimmune.

"This is an exciting opportunity for Dr. Burkhart to share our latest vaccine research with other leaders in the vaccine field at the Vaccine Congress event," said Alan Joslyn Ph.D., CEO of Inimmune. "Our participation in important meetings such as this, highlights our ongoing commitment to developing novel vaccine adjuvants and demonstrates Inimmune's position at the forefront of adjuvant technological development."

About Inimmune:
Inimmune Corp. (Missoula, MT) is a privately held clinical stage biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of innovative immunotherapeutics, vaccine adjuvants and vaccines. Inimmune is harnessing the human immune system to create safe and effective treatments for allergy, infectious disease, autoimmunity and cancer. Their laboratories and offices are housed in the Montana Technology Enterprise Center (MonTEC) in Missoula.

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