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iCana launches Beamforming IC for 5G mmWave applications at EuMW 2023

TAIPEI, Sept. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- iCana Limited (iCana), the fabless semiconductor RF component supplier for wireless telecommunications, introduced its mmWave Beamforming IC ICAMB2629-A for n257 and n261 bands at European Microwave Week 2023 Booth #546C from September 19-21 in Berlin, Germany.

Henrik Andersen, CMO of iCana, led the team to showcase the latest RF solutions atEuMW 2023.

The official launch of the Beamforming IC marks a milestone for iCana to disrupt the 5G mmWave infrastructure market by delivering a cost-effective solution with high performance. The ICAMB2629-A is a highly integrated Beamforming IC fabricated for 26.5 GHz to 29.5 GHz and comes in a compact, 90-pin 4.6 x 5.1 mm2 BGA-based package.

The Beamforming IC offers some unique key features:

  • Wide signal bandwidth up to 800 MHz with 8 channels, dual-polarization across 26.5 - 29.5 GHz for high data rate.
  • Great link stability with an average output power of 10 dBm per channel at 3% EVM, and a gain of 27 dB in both Transmit (Tx) and Receive mode (Rx).
  • Channel gain range of 7 dB with 0.5 dB step and common gain range of 20 dB with 1 dB step for high accuracy in amplitude
  • 6-bit phase resolution (5.6° phase step) and RMS phase error < 2° for industry-leading phase accuracy.
  • Built-in digital control circuitry and sensor platform monitoring temperature, RF power, and power consumption.
  • Pre-configured set of correction settings maximizing the performance of calibration and beam switching.

"5G mmWave infrastructure will require large volumes of beamforming ICs. The cost is essential to secure the deployment." said Henrik Andersen, iCana Chief Marketing Officer. "Our solution can accelerate the deployment of mmWave infrastructure and shape the future 5G. "

The ICAMB2629-A is now commercially available. Contact us at for details and full datasheets.

About iCana
iCana is a fabless semiconductor component supplier specializing in design and manufacturing of RF components for wireless communication. iCana's primary markets are 5G NR FR1 and FR2 infrastructure together with automotive connectivity. By managing the end-to-end process from IC design through qualification and mass production, we are committed to providing unrivaled performance, quality and reliability. iCana is headquartered in Taiwan with additional R&D centers located in Belgium, and the United States.

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