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The IIRP and Black Family Development Present the 2023 World Conference on Building Thriving Communities

Conference Focuses on a Radical Approach Through the Use of Restorative Practices

BETHLEHEM, Pa., Sept. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The International Institute for Restorative Practices Graduate School (IIRP) and Black Family Development, Inc. (BFDI) join together to present the 2023 IIRP World Conference on restorative practices. The Conference "Building Thriving Communities: A Radical Approach Through Restorative Practices" is being held at the Fort Pontchartrain Hotel in Detroit, Michigan on October 2-4, 2023. With representatives from 12 different countries and over 140 different speakers and panelists, the conference is focused on how effective collaboration amongst families, local organizations, faith groups, and educational institutions can create communities that flourish.

"The IIRP's World Conference is a celebration of the power of relationships," said Kligman.

"We live in a time of deep divides right at the very moment we need people to come together to tackle our greatest challenges. This conference brings together scholars & practitioners who recognize that it is our connections and collective energies that will lead us to a more humane future," said Linda J. Kligman, Ph.D., President of the IIRP.

The conference combines educational research with real-life examples. In addition to the panelists, several prominent dignitaries will be attending; U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan Dawn Ison, Deputy Mayor of Detroit Todd Bettison, and Detroit Police Department Chief James E. White.

"Black Family Development, Inc. is again honored to co-host the 2023 International Institute for Restorative Practices World Conference. Our world class speakers will share relevant information on reducing conflict and reducing harm that allows system partners to lead with strategic action that improves cultures in communities as well as public and private systems," said Kenyatta Stephens, CEO, Black Family Development, Inc.

In addition to the three days of informational sessions, the conference will be featuring a screening of the critically acclaimed film "The Prison Within" narrated by Hill Harper, directed by Katherin Hervey, and produced by Erin Kenway.

"The Prison Within" is an intimate exploration of the unmet needs of victims, the vulnerable, and the marginalized within the criminal justice system. It is an expression of the silent torment faced by people on both sides of prison walls. The film is designed to inspire a dialogue about trauma's debilitating impact on individuals and communities, to expose the shared responsibility we all have to collectively heal our mass incarceration crisis, and to motivate definitive community justice reform. After the screening, actors from the film as well as the director and producer will conduct a talk back session.

Also attending the conference will be leaders in human-services, education, criminal justice, healthcare, community-based organizations, business, religious institutions and philanthropy from around the globe exploring how restorative approaches are positively and proactively enriching communities by connecting and aligning people and resources.

"With intentional relationship building, thought-provoking plenary reports, small group reflection time, and receiving inspiring workshop presentations, the conference will revel in the accomplishments of thriving communities using restorative practices," said Henry McClendon, Jr., the IIRP's Director of Community Engagement and world conference manager.

"The IIRP's World Conference is a celebration of the power of relationships. We're coming together to learn more inclusive approaches to our shared future," said Kligman.

For more information or to register for the conference go to 2023 World Conference

Media attendance is encouraged.

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