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Zipper Magazine to Host Inaugural Kink and Fetish Film Festival

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Aug. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Zipper Magazine, the premier outlet for kink and fetish journalism, will host the first-ever Zipper Film Festival at Fetish Con. The film festival, presented by Clips4Sale, will showcase some of the best cinematic work from the kink and fetish communities, including Todd Max Carey's new documentary film, "tOuch Kink."

"We have a rich and diverse community, but we're often left out of mainstream movies and other media."

"We have a rich and diverse community, but we're often left out of mainstream movies and other media," says Sunny Megatron, Editor-in-Chief of Zipper Magazine and Clinical Sexologist. "The Zipper Film Festival is a chance for us to share our work and our lives in an authentic, supportive space, with an audience of our peers. We're so excited to be able to show some of this incredible work on the big screen."

Submissions for this year's festival include a wide representation of the kink and fetish communities, exploring themes of domination, submission and restraint through documentary, science fiction and fantasy. Submissions were judged by a panel of creators and lifestylers, including Zipper Editor-in-Chief Sunny Megatron, documentarian Todd "Max" Carey, and creator Ludella Hahn, Gary Giantess Zone and Jason Ninja.

The inaugural Zipper Film Festival will take place on August 11, 2023 at Fetish Con in St. Petersburg, Florida. Subsequent screenings are planned for the New York area and other cities later in the year.

Zipper Magazine is the premier destination for news, resources and education about kink and fetish community and sexuality. Created by sex educator Sunny Megatron & C4S, Zipper features insights from top BDSM educators, D/s relationship tips, creative play inspiration, fetish and community trends for everyone from the bashfully curious to seasoned lifestyler.

ABOUT tOuch Kink
Todd Max Carey's new documentary film, "tOuch Kink." is a groundbreaking new film about the reality of Kink, exploring this subject from a Fetish Creator's perspective.

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