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Angel Yeast Highlights Sustainable Protein and Natural Taste Solutions at IFT FIRST 2023

CHICAGO, July 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Angel Yeast (SHA:600298), a premier global yeast company, showcased its sustainable yeast protein and compound seasoning solutions at the annual expo of the Institute of Food Technologists ("IFT FIRST 2023"), in Chicago, that took place between July 16 and 19.

Held annually, The IFT FIRST is the world's leading food technology event and biggest B2B food expo, and a platform to explore new innovations, food technology, and industry development. It attracts about 15,000 visitors with 1,900 exhibition companies and brands present.

Angel Yeast North America Team at IFT first 2023

Animal proteins have traditionally been the main source of protein in the human diet. However, environmental sustainability concerns associated with animal-based diets are growing. Consumers are paying attention to this issue, as well. In a recent survey, 54% of consumers indicated they are willing to replace meat with alternative protein sources.  

"Compared to plant-based and animal proteins, natural yeast protein is a more sustainable, environmental-friendly, gluten-free, No-GMO and nutritious food substance. The versatile yeast as a natural ingredient will be crucial to developing novel products, and Angel Yeast is capturing the market trends to deliver products that best suit the needs of global customers", said Hang Tao, GM of Angel Yeast North America Branch.

AngeoPro is a new vegan-friendly, nutritious, and yeast-sourced protein produced using an upcycle-based reuse methodology to comply with emerging sustainability standards, it boasts 80 percent protein content, 21 percent BCAA's(Branched-Chain Amino Acid,including leucine, isoleucine and valine), and PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acids Score) of 1.0 with a complete amino acid profile and provides B vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.

As health-conscious consumers are seeking foods with minimal processing and food additives, the market is also seeing the rise of clean label products, which are minimally processed, natural, and wholesome foods, and the all-natural yeast solutions are helping food manufacturers to achieve clean labels while delivering the big flavors with enhanced mouthfeel.

Angel Yeast has pioneered Angel Taste Solutions that build exciting flavors, as well as fermentation nutrients for food ingredients, probiotics fermentation and food culture.

Its sustainable seasoning and condiment solutions include Angeoprime (savory flavor foundation for sauces, soups, and snacks), Angeoboost (low-sodium seasoning to bring umami and meaty flavor profile), Angeotide (flavor enhancer that masks off-notes in chicken soup and beverage applications), and Angearom (flavored yeast extracts boosting chicken, beef, cheesy flavors smoked and grilled).

Angel Yeast leverages yeast and biotechnology to revolutionize dietary habits, food production, and environmental interplay, with the ultimate goal of enhancing life quality and conserving our planet for the benefit of future generations.

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