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OCB Launches America's Only Real Rice Cones, Expanding the Brand's 'Nature Collection' of Natural Rolling Papers and Cones
  • OCB Brown Rice Cones are America's Only Real Rice Rolling Paper
  • One of the Few Brands to Use Natural Acacia gum for the Gumline in Their Cones
  • Real Rice, Organic Hemp, and Acacia gum are all Sustainably Sourced and Harvested
  • Builds on OCB's 100+ Year History of R&D and Innovation into New Paper Sources and Formats

GLENVIEW, Ill., July 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- OCB, a vertically-integrated, leading international rolling paper brand imported and distributed in the U.S. by Republic Brands, a global leader in rolling papers and premium smoking accessories, today announced the launch of OCB Brown Rice Cones - America's only cones made using real rice fibers. The addition of Brown Rice Cones expands the OCB Nature Collection of papers and cones to include Bamboo, Organic Hemp, Unbleached, and Brown Rice. The product will be introduced to retailers and consumers at CHAMPS Trade Show in Las Vegas on July 19th and follows the launch of Brown Rice papers in 2022.

"Brown Rice Cones are America's only real rice cones. If you smoke the best, your paper matters"

Inspired by nature, OCB Brown Rice Cones are made with sustainably sourced, responsibly harvested, GMO-free red rice fibers from France's Camargue river delta and organic hemp grown by a co-op of farmers in Champagne, France, with paper made in our family-owned paper mill using water from the French Alps. Unbleached and ultra-thin cones deliver an easy-to-use, premium, slow-burning experience that is nearly tasteless. The cones come in various sizes, including Mini, 1-¼, and King. Each cone includes a watermark that depicts a lighthouse, the brand's beacon of excellence.

Additionally, the gumline of every OCB paper and cone uses natural Acacia gum, unlike most other cones or papers in the market. The company has partnered with an international non-governmental organization, Seedballs Kenya, in the Sahel region of Africa to distribute Acacia seeds for the rehabilitation of degraded forests and landscapes in the country.

"Brown Rice Cones are America's only real rice cones and this launch builds on our legacy of innovation and sustainability. Other papers called "Rice" simply aren't made of actual rice fibers," said Becky Roll, Chief Revenue Officer at Republic Brands. "If you smoke the best, your paper matters - better ingredients, less taste, less ash.  At OCB, we're on a mission to make sure discerning consumers have access to the very best papers and cones. Our R&D team strives to use only the best ingredients when they're making the paper - and the combination of real rice, organic hemp, and natural Acacia gum in OCB Brown Rice creates a silky mouthfeel. If you hold our real rice paper up to the light, you can even see the flecks of rice fibers in the paper."

OCB, one of the world's most trusted rolling paper brands, is committed to stewardship of the natural resources needed to sustain Earth, including investments in biomass boilers at its paper mill, which save over 11,500 metric tons of CO2 annually, and water treatment facilities that return water to Lake Léman that is 70% cleaner than regulations require. The paper then goes to Republic's booklet facility in Perpignan, which is both carbon neutral and ISO 14001 certified.

The OCB name pays homage to the century-long history of the brand. The "O" flows from the Odet River in Western France, where the founding family built their original paper mill in 1822. In 1918, they moved to a more modern mill in Cascadec, lending the "C" to the brand they introduced that same year. The "B" represents the founding family - Bolloré.

"At Republic, we want to make the pleasure of rolling amazing products accessible to everyone," continued Roll. "OCB cones can be more convenient if you don't know how to roll or just don't want to. Cones make it easy! Just fill, pack, light, and enjoy. Whether a cone or a booklet, consumers can rest assured that OCB paper is made with the same exacting standards across the board."

To shop for the latest OCB papers and cones, you can visit your local retailer, or on Amazon.

The OCB Brand was born in 1918. We're imagined, invented, grown, harvested, milled, and manufactured in France. Our name pays homage to the Odet River, the Cascadec Mill, and our roots in France. Today, our family-owned paper mill sits on Lake Léman (Lake Geneva) in the foothills of the French Alps, and our rolling paper booklets are made in Perpignan, where Jean Bardou invented them in 1838. The lighthouse watermark on each of our papers is our beacon of excellence and represents OCB's commitment to quality, craft, and innovation.

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The world's leading rolling company, Republic Brands holds the most extensive portfolio in the category, including OCB®, JOB®, e-z wider®, DRUM®, Premier®, Gambler®, and TOP® brands. With a 200-year-old cultural legacy, the family-owned company is known for innovations such as sustainable bamboo, hemp and flax fiber papers and cones, its natural Acacia gum, and internationally-recognized ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001, and GMP standards. Republic brings consumers the best experience from plant to puff by combining old-world artisan quality with modern sensibilities. With its wide-reaching distribution network across more than 100 countries, Republic Brands and its affiliates operate seven manufacturing facilities and distribution centers across North America and Europe. For more information, please visit

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