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SMART Announces its 26th Survivor Conference

EAST HAMPTON, N.Y., July 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- For over twenty-five years SMART has been providing information to survivors of ritual abuse and mind control.

SMART Announces its 26th Survivor Conference Speakers - August 19-20, 2023 

SMART is proud to announce the speakers for our online August 19-20 conference.

Wendy Hoffman 's topic "Artificially Rooted in the Natural" will discuss why recovery from criminal mind control takes so long and is so painful and consuming.

Wendy Hoffman  has published three memoirs, The Enslaved Queen, White Witch in a Black Robe and A Brain of My Own

Dr. Rainer Hermann Kurz will discuss "Child Trafficking through Family Court Proceedings: A UK Case Study."  His presentation builds on incidents that led to the transfer of parental responsibility for a toddler from a mother to a Local Authority.

Rainer Kurz is a Chartered Psychologist based in London. Since 1990 Rainer has worked in Research & Development roles for leading test publishers.

Neil Brick  will speak about "The Effects of Social Movements on Survivor Support Systems and Survivor Recovery. He will present historical information regarding the literature of clinicians and researchers.

Neil Brick  is a survivor of ritualistic abuse. His child and ritualistic abuse newsletter S.M.A.R.T.  has been published for over 28 years.

Dr. Laurie Matthew  OBE's topic "Ongoing Work by Survivor Led Non-profit Organisations in Scotland." She will share findings from recent survivor led participatory research highlighting the importance of involving survivors as researchers.

Dr. Laurie Matthew OBE is the founder and Manager of Eighteen And Under and a founding member and advisor to Ritual Abuse Network Scotland.

Dr. Randall Noblitt  will discuss "The Identification and Use of Trauma Triggers in the Treatment of Extreme Abuse Survivors."  Extreme abuse survivors sometimes seek psychotherapy services because of the overwhelming consequences of previous or ongoing incidents of abuse.  

Randy Noblitt  is a professor of Clinical Psychology and a licensed psychologist. He's evaluated and treated extreme abuse survivors clinically since 1979. 

Lynn Crook  will speak about "False Memories – The Deception That Silenced Millions." She explains why accused child molesters needed a defense, why they selected false memories and how they sold it to the media.

Lynn Crook  received an M. Ed. She discovered she was molested as a child and sued her parents for damages. The judge declared in her favor in 1994.

The conference is co-sponsored by Survivorship, one of the oldest and most respected organizations supporting survivors of extreme child abuse.

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