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Upcoming WEPACK 2023 to Reveal New Growth Opportunities for the Packaging Industry

SHANGHAI, July 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- WEPACK World Expo of Packaging Industry, organized by RX (Reed Exhibitions), will kick off at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from July 12-14, 2023, with SinoCorrugated 2023, SinoFoldingCarton 2023, PACKCON 2023, DPrint 2023, SinoPaper 2023 and FOOD PACK & TECH 2023 held concurrently. This exhibition will span a coverage of 100,000 m2, where over 1,200 participating enterprises from 30-odd countries and regions will showcase more than 1,800 brand-new pieces of equipment and nearly 1,000 types of consumables.

Grasp the compass of the packaging industry, with WEPACK 2023 unveiling the industry prospects

The packaging and printing industry faced unprecedented challenges in the first half of 2023, as demand decline, the most obvious sign, caused the upstream raw material manufacturers to mark down prices constantly. Despite sliding demand for white cardboard, test liners, corrugated paper and plastic film materials, there is still some good news on the market. According to the World Bank's latest Global Economic Prospects report released on June 6th, China's economic growth rate from January to June 2023 has seen a significant increase, which is expected to surpass the 2022 level. As a leader of emerging markets and a new engine of the global economy, China is still deemed bullish by the global economic community.

Against the headwinds of order transfer and fierce economic competition, small and medium-sized packaging enterprises find themselves at a crossroads in 2023, as the whole printing and packaging industry undergoes a major reshuffling. Therefore, this year abounds with historic opportunities. Then how can printing enterprises tide themselves over these crises? And how can they grasp new growth points in the industry?

WEPACK World Expo of Packaging Industry

As a large-scale industry event covering the entire packaging industry chain, WEPACK 2023 will display various processes and equipment technologies across the packaging industry, from raw paper and raw materials to carton manufacturing equipment, folding corrugated box manufacturing equipment, digital printing equipment, as well as packaging processes and finished packaging products. SinoCorrugated in particular, as part of WEPACK, has grown into a prestigious global gala in the global carton industry over its 22-year history. Bringing together globally renowned suppliers of carton equipment and technologies in all categories, SinoCorrugated this year will serve as a key platform for global/Asian debut of corrugated equipment suppliers worldwide, and also an irreplaceable platform for trade and communication in the global carton industry. It has paved the way for global packaging enterprises to upgrade their technological equipment and accurately grasp market trends.

Build a global platform for communication and trade cooperation in the packaging industry to expedite local enterprises going global

Although foreign trade of the packaging industry has been hit hard in the recent 3 years, the comeback of WEPACK 2023 is expected to draw 100,000-odd visitors from over 110 countries and regions worldwide, including over 500 agents and 6,000 overseas buyers. The organizer will handpick 500 overseas buyers with explicit purchase intents and provide them with a 3-day precise business matchmaking service to help exhibitors and buyers communicate and collaborate effectively in commerce and trade. Furthermore, WEPACK 2023 will unleash the pent-up demands of overseas buyers in the past 3 years thoroughly and enable exhibitors to sign more overseas orders and expand into overseas markets faster.

Pool high-quality exhibitors onto a one-stop service platform and  expand diversified business for enterprises

An increasing number of manufacturers embark on the path of diversified development, expanding their businesses from cartons to folding cartons, flexible packaging, pulp molding and food & beverage takeaway packaging, while adjusting industry and orders models to meet the needs of current market. Next, how can they accommodate the needs of diversified businesses for more efficient supporting equipment such as automation and digitization?

WEPACK 2023 will display various processes and equipment technologies across the packaging industry, including raw paper & raw materials, carton manufacturing equipment, folding corrugated box manufacturing equipment, digital printing equipment, as well as packaging processes and finished packaging products. The exhibition will provide a one-stop selection and communication platform for enterprises to explore new dimensions and order processing partners.

At the same time, PACKCON, an exhibition under WEPACK 2023, will gather a host of high-quality packaging enterprises, enabling participants to exchange experience with peers on the spot, deeply grasp the current and future trends of the industry, and expand new ideas for their own development. Providing a sound environment where enterprises can spot business opportunities and more orders, PACKCON has already lured a swarm of brand owners to apply for visit.

Follow the trend to share digital and intelligent experience of the packaging industry

In the second half of the year, small and medium-sized packaging enterprises face a larger-scale reshuffling of their brand owners. Coupled with the digital and intelligent transformation trend of brand owners, the entire industry ecosystem has undergone fundamental changes. With the advent of Industry 4.0, over 600 terminal industries transform towards digitalization and intelligence, as the packaging and printing industry also witnesses profound changes in its ecosystem.

At WEPACK 2023, the six sectors of carton, folding carton, digital printing, packaging container, paper, and food & beverage packaging will basically cover digital and intelligent supporting new technologies and equipment, while providing complete solutions and on-site demonstrations for digital and intelligent factories. During the exhibition, the organizer will also arrange visits to pace-setting factories, allowing field trip to digital factories. Combined with various industry-leading forums and activities, WEPACK 2023 will comprehensively help accelerate the digitization and intelligence of the packaging industry.

WEPACK, organized by RX (Reed Exhibitions), has been committed to aligning China's packaging industry with the global counterpart, fostering exchanges and partnership among global packaging industries, and doing its own bit to the prosperity of China's printing industry. WEPACK 2023 will fully leverage the effect of the industry chain to enable the global packaging industry with its globality, foresight, and innovative advantages. It will once again set off a new trend of innovative development in the global packaging industry, providing a solid pivot to drive a new round of industry growth.

SOURCE RX (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

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