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Vinamilk Depicts the Rise of Vietnam's Dairy Industry at the 2023 Global Dairy Congress

LONDON, June 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Vinamilk, a globally acclaimed Vietnamese dairy company, made a resounding impact at the 16th Global Dairy Congress held in London on June 21-22. During its third participation at the congress, Vinamilk represented Vietnam's dairy industry and shared an inspiring tale of its dairy journey. During this occasion, Vinamilk was named the "Best Dairy Alternative 2023 Award" with Vinamilk's Super Nut in its first appearance at the World Dairy Innovation Award 2023.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Tri, CMO of Vinamilk, shared the brand’s 47-year journey at 2023 Global Dairy Congress

Building the industry and the nation hand-in-hand

Under the theme "Reimagining Dairy", this year's Global Dairy Congress served as a rallying call to address the universal challenges faced by the industry. To achieve sustainable growth, the global sector is implored to reevaluate its core values and harness its intrinsic motivation to propel itself toward the future.

Vinamilk, the sole company from Southeast Asia, amongst other prestigious organizations with over 200 industry professionals at the congress, presented a tour de force on the remarkable development of the local sector's half-a-century history. Mr. Nguyen Quang Tri, CMO of Vinamilk, captivated the audience as he shared Vinamilk's extraordinary 47-year journey and its impact on Vietnam's flourishing dairy industry.

This tale took on added significance as Vietnam is entering its golden population milestone of 100 million people, a mark of great potential and dynamism. Once a nation with limited resources for dairy development, Vietnam has now metamorphosed the dairy sector into a thriving one capable of meeting the nations' demands and stamping its presence globally with the industry leader Vinamilk being a world ranking dairy manufacturer and brand.

Richard Hall, Chairman of Global Dairy Congress, impressed by Vinamilk’s story

The Chairman of Global Dairy Congress, Richard Hall, expressed his fascination with Vinamilk for its thriving history within the industry, "I am fascinated by the success story of Vinamilk's CEO and the company, from the early beginning in very difficult circumstances. They have created a world-ranking business. They are developing amazing products, taking care of the social problems, and all the health and well-being issues. And now, they are reaching to the world of dairy."

Alliances for a rapid global growth

During the presentation, Vinamilk shared a case study of their infant formula products with a concept of "Nurturing sustainable growth for an emerging nation of 100 million people". Coming from only one factory in 1990, Vinamilk Dielac became the first "made in Vietnam" infant formula product and began exporting in 1997.

In 2013, Vinamilk invested $100 million to build the Vietnam Powder Milk Mega Factory to boost the annual production capacity. The leading manufacturer continues to expand its horizons and is investing roughly $600 million in production facilities, engineering and farming projects to upgrade supply capacity in anticipation of stronger future market demands.

Vinamilk was honored to receive the “Best Dairy Alternative 2023 Award” with Vinamilk Super Nut

This year, Vinamilk formed strategic alliances with leading global nutrition expert groups from Europe and Japan such as DSM, CHR HANSEN, GNOSIS, KANEMATSU, AKK and BENEO to develop world-class nutrition solutions that adhere to the highest global standards. Additionally, all Vinamilk's infant formula products have proudly achieved the coveted "Purity Award", a rigorous accolade that reflects unwavering commitment to purity and food safety.

As the dairy industry in Vietnam undergoes a fundamental transformation leveraging its full potential, Vinamilk's CMO, Mr. Nguyen Quang Tri concluded: "We envision a sustainable, advanced, and relentlessly innovative dairy industry – a beacon of new possibilities that lie ahead for Vietnam with Vinamilk at the forefront."

About Vinamilk

Founded in 1976 in Vietnam, Vietnam Dairy Products JSC (Vinamilk) is the leading national dairy company specializing in dairy and nutritious products. Vinamilk manages 15 farms and 17 factories supplying up to 250 SKUs in the product portfolio, exported to 60 countries and regions. The dairy brand is currently among the Top 40 largest dairy companies and the sixth most valuable dairy brand worldwide.

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