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QLM Quantum Gas Lidar Leads Industry in Independent Trials

Continuous Methane Leak Monitoring Solution Shown to be Highly Effective in Detecting, Locating and Quantifying Fugitive Emission Sources in 3-Month Blind Testing at METEC

CARDIFF, Wales, June 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- QLM Technology Ltd's new Quantum Gas Lidar has recently demonstrated industry-leading performance at the Methane Technology Evaluation Center (METEC) at Colorado State University. METEC is a recognized world leader in realistic and rigorous field testing and independent validation of industrial natural gas leak detection technology. The METEC Advancing Development of Emissions Detection (ADED) trials consist of 3-month long continuous tests where equipment is required to identify, locate and quantify hundreds of individual, simulated emissions over a football field-sized area containing various gas industry equipment including wellheads, separators and storage tanks. QLM's new methane monitoring solution was tested under the ADED blind testing protocol. It operated uninterrupted throughout the 81-day trial from 7 February to 28 April. It detected and quantified 264 individual methane leaks ranging in size from 0.05 to 7 kg/h, identifying 1.39 (75%) of the 1.85 tonnes of total trial emissions, at ranges from 10 to 80 meters, locating the leaks with a mean accuracy of 2.4 m and accurately quantifying them with a 1-sigma factor uncertainty of only 2x. Harsh weather conditions during the campaign included rain, fog, and heavy snowfall, temperatures from -27 to +27 °C and winds averaging 11 km/h, gusting over 100 km/h. We believe this performance is among the best ever demonstrated for any type of continuous methane monitoring technology and that the demonstrated performance will exceed the anticipated US EPA requirements for continuous monitoring solutions for fugitive emissions in the oil and natural gas industry. The QLM system is emerging as the gold standard for detecting, locating and quantifying fugitive and intermittent natural gas emissions.

QLM Quantum Gas Lidar Validated as Industry-Leading in Independent Trials

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QLM Technology Ltd is a UK-based photonics technology and analytics company with operations in England, Wales and California. QLM has developed a unique, patented Quantum Gas Lidar that can detect, visualize, locate and accurately quantify emission rates of greenhouse gases (GHGs), enabling customers to identify their largest GHG emitters for remediation in the most cost-effective manner. QLM's lidar technology is inherently scalable to low cost at high volume, enabling wide deployment. For more information, please visit:

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