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Apple Reveals Vision Pro Headset, Mac Upgrades, and More from WWDC 2023; More Info at B&H

Apple News: The 15" MacBook Pro, along with the M2-equipped Mac Studio and Mac Pro, will be available for order this month.

NEW YORK, June 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- B&H is pleased to announce that on Monday, June 5, 2023, Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) showcased a slate of brand-new hardware, including a 15" MacBook Air, a Mac Studio with M2 Max, and the latest Apple silicon called M2 Ultra, which finds its way to both the Mac Studio and Mac Pro. The remainder of the event focused on the latest features heading to iOS 17, iPadOS, and macOS, such as a mental health-focused daily journaling tool for the iPhone alongside several other quality-of-life-based updates.

Apple 15" MacBook Air

Key Features

  • Apple M2 8-Core Chip
  • 8GB Unified RAM | 256GB SSD
  • 15.3" 2880 x 1864 Liquid Retina Display
  • 10-Core GPU | 16-Core Neural Engine
  • Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) | Bluetooth 5.3
  • Dual Thunderbolt 3 Ports
  • 1080p FaceTime Full HD Camera
  • Backlit Magic Keyboard
  • Force Touch Trackpad | Touch ID Sensor
  • macOS

Apple is also kicking off the long-awaited mixed reality headset officially called the Apple Vision Pro. Usually, WWDC features software and OS updates for Apple's family of devices, but the reveal of the Apple Vision Pro is an exciting look ahead of things to come as more and more developers get their hands on it.

This WWDC marked the addition of a Apple 15" version of the MacBook Air, which claims the title of lightest MacBook in the Apple family. The new Air features the redesigned clamshell design from the 13" and is powered by Apple's M2 chip. According to Apple, the new Air is 12x faster than its fastest Intel®-based Air and twice as fast as a comparable Core™ i7-powered PC. Meanwhile, 18 hours of battery life power its 15.3" Liquid Retina display and new six-speaker sound system.

The Air comes in four finishes with MagSafe charging, two Thunderbolt™ ports, and a headphone jack. It measures 11.5mm and clocks in at around 3 pounds. Pricing starts at $1,299, though Apple also announced that the 13" Air would be getting a $100 price drop as well. Apple expects to ship these out starting next week.

The brand also debuted the M2 Ultra, a new chip that Apple claims generally doubles the performance of the M2 Max. It packs a unified memory architecture that supports 192GB of memory capacity and features 800GB/s of memory bandwidth, which is amazing news for high-res video editing. The M2 Ultra boasts improvements across the board, with a CPU that is 20 percent faster than the M1 Ultra, a GPU that is 30 percent faster, and a 32-core Neural Engine that's 40 percent faster, allowing it to deliver up to 31.6 trillion operations per second.

The new chip features two M2 Max dies connected through UltraFusion packaging architecture that allows it to appear as a single chip on the software side. It's power efficient, too, with Apple emphasizing that when it comes to power management, the M2 Ultra allows devices to run cool and quietly despite being a "monster of a chip." According to Apple, the new chip will enable massive machine learning workloads that most GPUs can't even process.

The Mac is receiving a few noteworthy internal upgrades as well. Apple is outfitting the Mac Studio with the M2 Max alongside the newly announced M2 Ultra chip. Mac Studio users can expect performance to be about 25 percent faster than the M1 Max, resulting in a 50-percent-faster After Effects render time, for example. As for the Ultra, power users will benefit from its video processing enhancements. It has dedicated, hardware-enabled H.264, HEVC, and ProRes encode and decode, allowing playback of up to 22 streams of 8K ProRes 422 video.

M2 Ultra is also coming to the Mac Pro for users who need all that performance alongside PCIe expansion. The Mac Pro features seven PCle expansion slots, with six open expansion slots that support gen 4, which is 2x faster than before. It's perfect for audio pros who need digital signal processing (DSP) cards, video pros who need serial digital interface (SDI) I/O cards to connect to professional cameras and monitors, and even users who just need additional networking capabilities or increased storage.

Pricing for the Mac Studio starts at $1,999 and $6,999 for the Mac Pro. These updates mean that every Mac in Apple's lineup is now powered by its in-house silicon. Expect the newly announced Air and updated Macs to be available to preorder on B&H. Be on the lookout for more in-depth coverage once we're able to spend more hands-on time with the products announced today and check out our product page for more details on the 15" MacBook Air as well as the new Mac Studio and Mac Pro.

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