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SearchStax Launches SearchStax for Good at DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023

New program empowers developers at non-profit organizations to quickly build web and mobile applications without the high barriers of cost or managing search infrastructure.

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., June 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- SearchStax, a leading cloud search platform enabling web teams to deliver better search in an easy, fast, and cost-effective way, announced today the launch of a new program, SearchStax for Good, that provides web and mobile development teams a frictionless way to radically simplify the management of Apache Solr workloads in the cloud.

Nonprofits face the challenge of creating impact and driving change with limited resources and budget. When it comes to search technologies, the problem is further compounded, since managing infrastructure efficiently is only part of the issue. Too often, the bigger problem for the non-profit is simply getting started – budgets may be harder to come by and can thereby block access to search products and services that could significantly improve an organization's ability to drive their mission forward.

SearchStax for Good is designed specifically for nonprofits to help eliminate both the infrastructure management problem, as well as to remove the high barrier to entry from a budgetary perspective. By offering an extended no-cost period of full-featured service, SearchStax for Good enables qualifying non-profits a way to get search infrastructure up and running immediately, without having to figure out how to re-allocate budget, or needing to first get budget approval.

Upon the initial launch of SearchStax for Good at DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023, SearchStax for Good will offer non-profit organizations 6 months free of SearchStax Cloud Serverless, a solution that delivers fast, scalable, and cost-effective Solr, thereby giving web and product teams the ability to build quickly and scale automatically while optimizing resource utilization. After the initial six-month period ends, participating organizations can continue using the service at a 40% discounted rate.

"Enacting change is hard, but creating a powerful search experience doesn't have to be," said Sameer Maggon, Founder and CEO of SearchStax. "That's why we launched SearchStax for Good – to empower non-profit organizations to continue delivering positive impact to communities across the globe. We're excited to be able to give back in this manner, so that web and product teams can focus on what they do best – building applications. SearchStax for Good frees up valuable time and allows dev teams to quickly make progress on what really matters - the mission."

SearchStax will be introducing SearchStax for Good at DrupalCon 2023 in Pittsburgh, PA from June 5 to 8, at Booth #331. For more information on SearchStax for Good, go to

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SearchStax is the easiest and fastest way for marketers and developers to deliver powerful, relevant and robust search experiences. SearchStax offers end-to-end search solutions for better search – SearchStax Cloud makes it easier to deploy and manage highly-available and scalable Solr infrastructure on the back end, and SearchStax Studio delivers advanced, modern and personalized site search on the front end. SearchStax Cloud Serverless enables developers to build web and mobile applications without worrying about sizing, provisioning, or managing Solr infrastructure.

With over 600 customers and integrations into the Sitecore, Drupal/Acquia and Adobe ecosystems, companies around the globe trust SearchStax to make powerful search easy. Key brands that trust SearchStax for their search needs include Canon, Black & Decker, and Toyota. More information can be found at

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