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The 2nd World Hardware Development Conference kicks off in Yongkang, Zhejiang

YONGKANG, China, May 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 26, the 2nd World Hardware Development Conference commenced in Yongkang, Zhejiang, China. The small city in the central Zhejiang province known for its openness and innovation welcomed guests from around the globe. Under the theme of "Innovation leads a new age of intelligent hardware manufacturing for a globally beneficial future", the event saw the participation of 16 hardware organizations, including the China National Hardware Association and the EU SME Centre, alongside domestic firms and multinational giants such as Phoenix and Lenovo Group. With representation from the entire industry chain, leading hardware companies worldwide united with their upstream and downstream counterparts, ushering in a new future of global hardware development.

On the 1,049-square-kilometer bustling hub that is Yongkang, over 150,000 diverse market entities thrive. Through generations of diligent work, the sons and daughters of Yongkang have forged an illustrious reputation as the hardware capital of the world. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and practicality, the city's advocates and entrepreneurs wholeheartedly extend an invitation to brilliant minds everywhere to join them in shaping the future of the global hardware industry.

The conference provided a vital platform for fostering valuable exchanges, enhancing cooperation, and achieving shared successes within the global hardware industry. This year, in conjunction with the 13th China (International) Door Expo, the event was transformed into an insightful combination conference and exhibition, raising the bar in terms of heightened standards and increased significance. Aligned with the current trajectory of high-end, intelligent, and sustainable manufacturing, the conference aimed to foster collaboration in crucial sectors of the global hardware industry, collectively upping the ante in terms of the quality of product.

An industry event that attracts worldwide attention. The conference brought together more than 400 executives from well-known hardware makers and distributors, as well as many of the world's leading industry experts. Additionally, more than 10 multinational organizations, including the International Hardware Federation, the American Chamber of Commerce in China (AmCham China), and the World Internet of Things Conference (WIOTC), extended their congratulations through video messages or on-site participation.

A development forum that brings together talents across diverse fields. During the conference, industry experts and entrepreneurs actively engaged in roundtable discussions focused on the high-quality development of the industry and explored avenues for corporate innovation. Representatives from scientific research institutions and agricultural machinery makers in China and Germany convened a symposium dedicated to fostering bilateral cooperation and advancing the agricultural machinery and equipment industry.

An industrial revolution that leads the future. At the event, the State Information Center unveiled the "Global Hardware Industry Innovation and Development Index", offering an analysis of the industry's growth path and innovation trends from multiple perspectives. Furthermore, the agency proposed a new digital blueprint for the industry's future development.

A solid bridge that delivers mutual benefits to all involved. The conference also witnessed the signing of significant agreements with international economic and trade strategic partners. Yongkang forged long-term relationships with organizations and associations in Germany, Finland, Canada, among other countries and regions. The intent is to leverage their respective resource advantages and collectively facilitate private sector growth, trade exchanges, investment, and technical cooperation.

The event provides a unique opportunity to deliberate on the industry's strategic direction for the upcoming phase of development and devise a roadmap to propel intelligent hardware manufacturing forward. The growing consensus that Yongkang stands as the hardware capital of the world has steadily solidified, thanks to the concerted efforts of all stakeholders. This has created a mutually beneficial environment where the sector's quality-focused growth benefits everyone involved.

Embarking on a new journey. In anticipation of the next stage of development, Yongkang is actively expediting its digitalization process, shifting from traditional manufacturing to digital hardware and intelligent manufacturing. The city is driving various initiatives aimed at spurring innovation, digitizing the economy, enhancing overall quality, improving energy efficiency, and cultivating a more conducive business environment. Yongkang is committed to fully integrating intelligent manufacturing into the hardware industry, harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit across the whole of society, and making remarkable strides towards securing its position as the hardware capital of the world, distinguished not only for its quality but also its vitality.

SOURCE The Organizing Committee of the Second World Hardware Development Conference

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