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Kunlun Opened a New Chapter for Ampace to Fully Seize the Opportunity in the Era of Energy Storage

XIAMEN, China, May 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- In 2023, the world is seeing great momentum of growth in energy storage battery from home to overseas and power generation to users. On May 24, 2023, Xiamen Ampace Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Ampace") made its debut at the 16th International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition ("SNEC") in Shanghai, expressing its comprehensive energy storage system solutions with the three key core technological edges, "high safety, long cycle, and low-temperature resistance". Ampace grandly introduced the new products - Kunlun series super long-cycling lithium cells (15,000 cycles), and entered into agreement with 5 industrial chain partners, followed by the excellence award for energy storage technology in SNEC Top 10 Highlights Selection, which, in turn, has accelerated the implementation of the strategy for energy storage as well as driven transformation and interconnection of global energy structure.

Kunlun Series Super Long-cycling Lithium Batteries (15,000 Cycles)


Ampace Kunlun Series with 15,000 Cycles,

Redefine Standards for the Lifespan of Energy Storage Battery

"Carbon neutrality" accelerates the transformation of energy structure, and the proportion of new energy, including photovoltaic and wind power, is gradually increasing, which brings greater challenges to the traditional power grid. Meanwhile, the demand for energy storage is increasing, and the era of PV power and energy storage collaboration is also accelerating. In addition, as the energy storage system has been gradually integrated into the market, the power grid needs to operate under the combined working conditions of peak shaving, frequency modulation, real-time electricity price, demand response, etc., and the requirements for cycle life are also higher than before. Hence, it is critical to break through the bottleneck due to the life of traditional electric cells.

At the new product launch event theming "Intelligent Energy Storage, Gather in Ampace", Ampace introduced the Kunlun Series Super Long-cycling Lithium Cells (15,000 Cycles), which have revolutionized lithium battery industry by redefining standards for the lifespan of energy storage battery.

Dr. Yuan Qingfeng, R&D Director of Ampace, displayed the advantages of Kunlun Series products which broke through the technical barriers and realized innovations at the launch event. The Ampace Kunlun Series Super Long-cycling Lithium Cells have achieved more than twice the throughput compared to conventional battery cells, with exceeding 15,000 cycles ≥ 80% SOH, and 20,000 cycles ≥ 70% SOH, doubling the lifespan of lithium batteries in energy storage systems, and enabling the lifespan of matching PV equipment to reach over 20 years. It solved the problems of customers needing to replace batteries during the operation cycle of PV storage projects, thereby achieving a 30% reduction in the full life cycle electricity cost, boosting commercial storage users easily cope with the new application challenge of PV storage with the same lifespan and multiple cycles within a day, solving the core contradiction between system lifespan and the full life cycle cost of the system, and ultimately greatly enhancing the commercial value of energy storage products.

In terms of technological innovation, the new Pre-lithiation Technology has been adopted for the first time in the Ampace Kunlun Series Lithium Batteries to build a "lithium storage battery", thereby supplementing the system's loss of lithium ions. In terms of chemical system innovation, the industry's pioneering formula is adopted in the graphite and electrolyte of Ampace Kunlun Series Lithium Batteries, which can slow down the rate of lithium-ion loss. Furthermore, the new type of graphite has a more stable structure, which can achieve free disembedding of lithium ions during the cycling process, reducing the generation of new interfaces and the consumption of active lithium ions. A new type of electrolyte is adopted in Ampace self-developed additive, constructing a dense and uniform protective film on the surface of graphite, thereby the loss of lithium ions during cycling is able to be reduced.

Dr. Yuan Qingfeng explained as he talked about the implied meaning of the product name, "Kunlun battery is named after the undulate Kunlun Mountain range, which, in ancient China, was worshiped as the Dragon Vein, indicating the connotation of Immortality that implies the breakthrough technology of super long-cycling; additionally, Kunlun Mountain is also reputed as the First of All Mountains, Ampace is opening a new chapter in the field of long-cycling battery just as Kunlun Mountain marks the beginning of all mountains."

Meanwhile, Dr. Yuan Qingfeng stated: "The Ampace R&D team has always been committed to pursuing 'ultimate performance', 'ultimate safety', and 'ultimate experience'. For the first time, we have taken the lead in breaking the battery cell cycle life of the LiFePO4 chemical system by 15,000 cycles ≥ 80% SOH, and 20,000 cycles ≥ 70% SOH, which is not only a milestone new starting point for Ampace in pursuing the ultimate scientific research path, but also a successful practice of 'continuously advancing and exploring the extreme' brand core as a benchmark for new energy enterprises."


Ampace Won the Energy Storage Technology Excellence Award in SNEC "Top 10 Highlights" Selection

In the selection event of SNEC "Top 10 Highlights", Ampace won the Energy Storage Technology Excellence Award for Kunlun Series Overlength Cycle Lithium Batteries, and was invited to give a keynote speech. Its innovation and pioneering enterprise technology is recognized by the industry. The selection of the "Top 10 Highlights" aims to encourage and commend technological innovation in the PV, hydrogen, energy storage industries, to occupy the technological high ground, and to seize the initiative of future development.


Signed Contracts with 4 Industrial Chain Partners for Win-win Co-operation

Ampace successively signed strategic cooperation agreements with Jiangsu RCT Power Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Redx Power Technology Co., Ltd., Chelion Renewable Technology Co., Ltd., and Vertiv Group Corporation (sorted by the signing order) during SNEC.

"Ampace is trusted by many customers in the energy storage market with its advanced technologies. And at the very beginning of 2023 SNEC, we have already established cooperation with four industrial chain partners, but it is just the beginning. We believe that Ampace will grow more rapidly. In the future, we will continue to adhere to technological innovation to enable the transformation of China's new energy, reward our customers, and create a better future." Said Mr. Zhu Yansong, the President of Ampace Energy Storage Business Department.


Solve Industrial Problems with Three Key Core Technological Edges

Ampace focused on demonstrating the core technologies edges of "High Safety" and "Low Temperature Resistance" in this 2023 SNEC except for the "Long Cycle" technology, solving the three development problems of energy storage technology, and led energy storage to accelerate into the development era of high-performance and high safety.

Considering battery safety from the customer demand stage, Ampace High Safety technology follows the concept of full lifecycle safety, implementing safety throughout the entire lifecycle of battery design, manufacture, transportation, use, and retirement. In the design and manufacturing stage, Ampace adopts safer and more stable materials and clean and refined process control, with a battery cell failure rate of only 1 in 1 billion, which is far lower than that of its top competitors, and ensures the inherent safety of the system from the genetic level of battery cell materials. During the battery usage process, BMS system developed by Ampace, extends the battery cell life through precise strategies, adopting the high-precision lithium analysis detection technology to identify short circuit risks and anomalies in the battery cell in advance, and monitoring battery cell safety in real-time by cloud computing technology.

Ampace innovates Ice Peak battery technology, which achieves normal charging and discharging in extreme low temperature environments of -20℃, and demonstrates Ampace products' advantage of low temperature resistance. In the key growing markets of residential energy storage in North America and Europe, it has extremely high requirements for the low-temperature performance of batteries in heavy snow and extreme weather. In the current market, the vast majority of battery technologies are unable to charge and discharge in temperatures below 0℃, resulting in products being "frozen" and even causing safety issues. By innovating negative electrode materials, positive electrode structures, electrolytes, and electrode technologies, Ampace breaks the constraints of low temperature on energy storage batteries from materials to structural systems.


A Solid Foundation for Accelerated Development of Energy Storage Filed

The business of Ampace covers residential as well as commercial energy storage, UPS, portable energy storage, etc., its products include cells of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), lithium manganate, ternary system and other chemical systems, modules, battery rack/battery and distributed outdoor energy storage system, serving customers from US, Japan, Germany, EU, Australia and China. In particular, as one of the key markets Ampace stresses, it takes up over 30% of global market share in residential energy storage.

The lithium battery giant gene together with profound technical base has enabled the possibility for the brand to step up establishment of the market structure for energy storage. As a joint venture of CATL and ATL, Ampace is founded not only to advance collaboration between the two giants in terms of technologies, resources, manufacturing and services for the purpose of complementing each other's strengths, but also to focus on the long-term development and strategic layout of medium-sized lithium battery in the 3 major fields of energy storage, microcars and high-power products. Particularly, in the field of microcars, Ampace ranks the first in market share of lithium battery for electric motorcycles with the number one shipment of drone battery globally in the field of high-power products.

Ampace is committed to building itself into the core driving force to advance the upgrade in the experience of energy storage products. It aims at empowering customers by establishing the innovative ecosystem that embodies the industrial value of Powered by Ampace, coupled by the products with ultimate safety, ultimate performance, and ultimate experience, so as to work hand-in-hand with its global partners to drive the course of setting up a new ecosystem featuring green energy. In the future, Ampace will also devote efforts to exploring electric energy while concentrating on diversified energy solutions for a better life through green energy solutions that bring ultimate user experience.

About Ampace

As a world-renowned lithium battery supplier, AMPACE, which is jointly invested by ATL and CATL, inherits the leading technology and experience of lithium batteries for more than 20 years, possesses top-level production conditions, and invests more than RMB 10 billion, with a construction area of 1,670 mu. In addition, AMPACE has passed a number of authoritative certifications, such as CNAS/ISO17025 and IATF16949 qualifications.

AMPACE focuses on the cutting-edge technology research and innovation of lithium batteries and has a "cell-BMS-battery pack" whole chain products R&D and manufacturing system. AMPACE empowers various industries, including energy storage, drone, vacuum cleaners, power tools and electric vehicles, and provides lithium battery services to global leading enterprises, using the industry's leading lithium battery technology.

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