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Permanent Jewelry Association to Launch at Vegas Expo

LAS VEGAS, May 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The newly created Permanent Jewelry Association (PJA), a business trade group for permanent jewelry artists, is set to officially launch at the upcoming Permanent Jewelry Expo (PJX) May 30June 1 at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. PJX will provide the largest educational and networking event in the world specifically for permanent jewelry artists and the PJA will be the premiere trade association for artists around the world.

"We are excited to launch this new trade association geared specifically for the permanent jewelry industry," said PJA President Amy Dixon. "PJA will promote professional conduct, safety, and industry standards, and will educate and provide resources for a permanent jewelry artist and our clients."

Permanent jewelry is a new trend in the U.S. and has spread into parts of Europe. It has grown more than 923% over the past year. Customers are attracted to the product because of the experience permanent jewelry provides.

"When consumers see what permanent jewelry is and what it can represent to an individual, people want one," Dixon said. "It's kind of like a tattoo but with jewelry instead of ink. We see moms and daughters, sisters, friends, brides and their bridesmaids, couples, and others come in for a special bonding experience."

The group will also assist new artists in their business ventures by offering resources to help those entrepreneurs in the business be able to grow and expand. Sunstone Welders provide everything PJ artists need to start a PJ business or add to their current business. For a small investment of about $2,500 the "business in a box" for entrepreneurs that include an Orion mPulse welder, all tools, and training, artists can potentially make a five- to six-figure revenue stream. Permanent Jewelry makes a great business or side-hustle for women entrepreneurs. Artists can also access an assortment of precious metal chains from Sunstone to use in their new business.

"People have a great experience with permanent jewelry," said Jonathan Young, CEO at Sunstone Welders. "When people see what permanent jewelry is, what it can represent, everyone wants one. It represents something differently for each person—that's what makes it so enjoyable."

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