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Modern Meadow Unveils Bio-VERA™ as a Breakthrough Sustainable Biomaterial Poised to Disrupt the Leather Industry

NUTLEY, N.J., May 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Modern Meadow, a purpose-driven biotechnology company, introduced today Modern Meadow Bio-VERA™, a novel, sustainable, animal-free biomaterial that looks, feels, and naturally ages like traditional leather, suede, or chamois. The highly anticipated Bio-VERA™ biomaterial is powered by the proprietary Modern Meadow Bio-Alloy™ technology application platform and designed to create a positive impact on both people and the planet.

Modern Meadow Bio-VERA™ will revolutionize the transportation, footwear, interior design, and wall coverings sectors

Sustainable and solvent-free, Bio-VERA™ eliminates animal-based inputs and waste in favor of renewable, traceable inputs. Bio-VERA™ requires no special preservation or storage conditions and is readily available at scale with reduced manufacturing complexity and costs.

Modern Meadow is developing building blocks that business partners need to create products that are sustainable, high-performing, and commercially accessible. The applications for Modern Meadow Bio-VERA™ are vast and diverse and will revolutionize the transportation, footwear, interior design, and wall coverings sectors by providing ethical and eco-conscious alternatives. Furthermore, the potential for highly creative ready-to-wear products is boundless, as Bio-VERA™ unlocks endless design possibilities for fashion designers and creators alike.

"By harnessing the power of biotechnology, Modern Meadow has developed a material system that exhibits the same qualities and characteristics as conventional leather without relying on animal inputs," said Catherine Roggero-Lovisi, CEO of Modern Meadow. "Modern Meadow Bio-VERA™ represents a groundbreaking advancement in sustainable materials. This non-woven material is engineered to surpass the strength of leather while delivering the authentic look, feel, and wearability of traditional leather. With an extensive range of colors and finishing options, Bio-VERA™ redefines possibilities in both durability and aesthetics."

"We are excited to reveal the potential of Modern Meadow Bio-VERA™ at SynBioBeta '23," said David Williamson, Chief Science & Technology Officer at Modern Meadow. "This cutting-edge biomaterial demonstrates our commitment to driving real-world impact, and we believe it will empower industries to make sustainable choices without compromising quality or style."

The official unveiling of Bio-VERA™ and additional details surrounding this revolutionary biomaterial will take place at SynBioBeta '23, along with other critical updates from the company in its beauty and biomedical application areas.

About Modern Meadow 
Modern Meadow is a sustainable bio-design technology company that uses nature-inspired proteins to develop solutions that reduce our reliance on petrochemical and animal-derived inputs. Its scalable products drop into existing manufacturing processes, allowing partners to bring sustainable goods to market quickly and without high upfront costs. The company aims to drive innovation in sustainability and create new solutions for the world's most pressing challenges. Learn more at

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