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Everlaw Launches New Features to Help Legal Teams Quickly Find Hidden Stories in Emails, Video Depositions and Zoom Videos

Everlaw Communication Visualizer, Video Depositions and Cloud Connectors for Zoom to be Demoed at Legalweek

NEW YORK, March 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Legalweek -- Everlaw, the cloud-native investigation and litigation platform, unveiled three new features today – Communication Visualizer, Video Depositions and Cloud Connectors for Zoom – to deliver unprecedented visual intelligence and automation to help legal teams quickly find hidden stories and context in the growing bodies of digital evidence.

As litigation and investigation data sets grow, the old way of searching for evidence – such as linear review and reading each document – has become cost prohibitive. The widening gap between staff resources and data means legal teams increasingly need advanced visualization and AI tools to present data more intuitively in ways that humans can better absorb. For example, data visualizations are based on the way the human brain processes data visually – around 60,000 times faster than text. With that in mind, Everlaw is launching its next set of features that aim to give "force multipliers" to legal teams.

Everlaw Communication Visualizer Enables Instant Discovery of Key Players
Based on the concept of social network analysis, Communication Visualizer is designed to uncover hidden relationships in conversations often concealed in big data sets to better identify outliers and patterns. The new technical breakthrough is that Everlaw delivers this insight and context of a case's key players at the scale of today's digital business – such as thousands of conversations – delivered instantaneously and interactively.

Within Communication Visualizer, small circles – or nodes – represent key players. Larger nodes indicate higher volumes of correspondence, and the size of the line between any two nodes shows how often people email each other. Rich interactivity allows teams to instantly isolate specific communications between individuals, dig further into the communication, refine date ranges, specific email accounts and even view the specific documents.

With this feature, legal teams can rapidly discover:

  • Who is communicating the most, and with whom top communicators speak the most.
  • What is the directionality of communications between parties
  • When are the conversations taking place (a time-lapsed conversation tracker allows legal teams to see the key players' interactions and visually filter by date range and anomalous behavior)
  • Who is sharing emails outside of specific domains (e.g. who is forwarding emails to their private accounts)

Communication Visualizer gives review teams an instant baseline understanding of the players without advanced setup or deep technical expertise. The tool is directly integrated in the Everlaw Data Visualization portfolio and comes on the heels of Everlaw's award-winning, patent-pending Clustering feature, which reveals the concepts within your document corpus.

"With Communication Visualizer, we're employing social network analytics that enables true discovery without needing to train a model," said Everlaw CEO and Founder AJ Shankar. "Legal teams can gain an immediate understanding of even subtle behaviors of the people they are investigating, such as who is talking with whom and what cliques have formed. Together, Clustering and predictive coding – which reveal the "what" behind the data – and Communication Visualizer – revealing the "who" – are much needed force multipliers to close the growing ediscovery gap."

Everlaw Video Depositions Tool Instantly Creates Video Snippets from Transcript Highlights to Tell the Whole Story
Quickly understanding the full context of how a witness gave testimony is critical to gauging its utility as evidence or potential strength in impeaching an adverse witness. But without video readily available and synced to transcripts, it becomes a disjointed and inefficient process, forcing legal teams to outsource creating video snippets of key moments in a transcript from technical support, reviewing those once a colleague or third-party creates them.

With the Everlaw Video Depositions feature, legal teams can quickly analyze video depositions alongside their corresponding synced transcript. This accelerates the discovery of key pieces of evidence and helps reinforce strong arguments with impactful video evidence.

One of the more powerful aspects of Video Depositions is the instant and automated integration of testimony citations throughout Storybuilder, Everlaw's collaborative narrative building toolkit. As legal teams build a case in Storybuilder by citing testimony, the exact corresponding snippet of video is at their fingertips, without manual cross referencing or delays.

In Everlaw's Video Depositions, legal teams can:

  • Edit video snippets to start and stop at the most impactful moment
  • Automatically create video snippets whenever they highlight their transcripts
  • Search for keywords and instantly jump to the right cuts and add those as testimonies to the timeline
  • Integrate video into Storybuilder, putting video a click away whenever citing testimony in a case timeline, draft case strategy memo or outline for another deposition
  • Invite others to collaborate to view testimony directly alongside the transcript or export .MP4s video snippets for presentation

"Reading a transcript without the video is only seeing half a story with important details such as body language, tone, pauses and facial expressions that are not apparent from the static page of a transcript," Shankar said. "With Everlaw Video Depositions, legal teams can see beyond the written transcript to unearth the truth."

Cloud Connectors for Zoom Automate the Ingestion of Videos, Retain Context

Everlaw is launching Cloud Connectors, a streamlined way to ingest data directly from Zoom and nine other popular enterprise applications and data sources. Traditionally, when importing data downloaded to local machines, a single Zoom recording will result in separate files for each component of the recording: the closed caption, the chat, the transcript and the recording itself. With Everlaw, the linkages between meeting information are compiled into an easy-to-read PDF file so it gives the user a one-stop shop to find major meeting details. By keeping the components together, Everlaw retains the meaning and context around the data for review teams. In addition, audio and video files are transcribed upon ingestion and indexed for searching, making Zoom data instantaneously ready for search once it's in Everlaw.

Everlaw Cloud Connectors contains:

  • Available data and metadata, contextualized and ready to review for immediate insights and details. For example, with the Zoom Connector this would include the host of the meeting, participants and timezone, and for Microsoft 365, this would include the email thread, calendar event participants and chat threads
  • Easy-to-use upload wizard with processing speed at up to 900,000 docs/hour so that data can be ready for review in hours instead of days
  • Filtering by custodians, date range and application specific fields to target data collection
  • Downloadable audit logs to show when data was collected to help defend the collections

"Since Zoom has exploded in the business world, it has been a top focus for our engineers to marry Zoom's content and metadata to retain the holistic context of its meaning," Shankar said. "Taming what we call 'the Zoom Boom' is another way for Everlaw to remove clunky extra steps for legal teams so they can quickly chart a path to the truth."

Everlaw Cloud Connectors are built on an API framework, allowing for rapid development of new connectors in the future. In addition to Zoom, Everlaw's 10 cloud connectors now include Slack, Google Vault and Microsoft 365. Salesforce, Asana, Zendesk and Jira are more Cloud Connectors to come. Everlaw's highly secure approach to cloud data integrations means no data is passed through a third-party server.

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