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Therap National Conference 2023 to feature a significant Keynote/Plenary Session along with several outstanding User Presentations on its opening day

TORRINGTON, Conn., Feb. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Therap Services, the national leader in providing HIPAA-compliant electronic health record solutions to caregivers in HCBS, LTSS, and other human services settings, announces notable Keynote/Plenary Session with Chief Operating Officer Justin M. Brockie on the inaugural day of its 2023 National Conference. In this plenary session, Justin will discuss the most recent developments and upgrades to the Therap system along with the company, and speak about what users should look forward to in the future.

The opening day of this conference will also hold User Presentation or Guest Speaker sessions that will highlight user experiences from agencies across the nation. Therap users can discuss their user experiences, innovative ideas and best practices in their use of Therap modules. Users can also include surveyors, families, state caseworkers or others who are interacting with agencies using Therap.

The three-day immersive online experience offers a virtual Conference Center for industry experts, system administrators, management teams, and professionals from around the United States, Canada, Asia and other international regions. The Therap team will be involved to discuss ideas and experiences about their usage as well as share their expertise of using the electronic health record system. The conference will have over 200 sessions comprising state specific discussions, workshops on Person-Centered planning and data driven outcomes, and showcase user presentations as well.

Therap's national conference began its virtual journey in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and saw great success in the last two years with over 2000 registrants in 2022. As this event will hold user presentations, state specific discussions, and how-to sessions of Therap modules, it is an immense opportunity for agency leaders to network and gather invaluable practical knowledge for their organizations.

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If you have not registered yet, register now to avail the Late Registration Fee with the pricing of $99 (non-refundable), which is available until February 03, 2023.

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