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Tuya Smart Showcases Diverse Smart Lighting Solutions at LightFair 20224

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Tuya Smart ("Tuya" or the "Company")  (NYSE: TUYA), a leading IoT development platform service provider, has returned to the LightFair 2022 Trade Show and Conference to showcase a wide range of cutting-edge lighting solutions to industry experts. Hosted in Las Vegas, LightFair 2022 is running from June 19-23 at the Las Vegas Convention Center with over 300 attending brands.

Under the theme "Light Up the Unlimited Future," Tuya Smart's booth, located in West Hall 1915, is exhibiting its new seamless lighting systems and product upgrades for business and residential scenarios. The immersive booth allows visitors to experience many customizable smart lighting scenes and cutting-edge products. Tuya's two new lighting systems are on display in interactive lighting rooms, including a custom-built esports gaming room showcasing the Residential Lighting Control System.

"While architectural and commercial lighting was once static and difficult to manage, companies are increasingly realizing the importance of smart lighting in improving building management, energy efficiency, and resident well-being," commented Fritz Werder, Tuya Smart's General Manager and Head of North America. "We are excited to invite industry leaders to view the showcase of our cutting-edge products at LightFair 2022 and connect with brands to see how Tuya can help make their lighting smarter."

On display for the first time are Tuya Smart's two newest lighting systems, the Small and Midsize Business (SMB) Lighting Control System for business users, and the Residential Lighting Control System, for residential users. Both systems are backed by Tuya's single-app interface, which allows users to seamlessly control all smart lighting devices, regardless of brand, category, or communication protocol, within one app. The systems are optimized for ease of installation and use. The simple wireless systems are easily installed with no renovation required and allow for continual enhancements through over-the-air (OTA) device upgrades.

Aside from the large lighting systems, the Tuya booth is showcasing various supported products and features. For entertainment spaces, Tuya's new Smart TV Backlights solution creates an immersive television or gaming environment. This professional-grade lighting system changes color and brightness in real-time according to the display, to create an impressive light experience for movies, gaming, and more.

New features abound in the Tuya booth, demonstrating how Tuya enables brands and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to impress customers with a variety of useful functions. The newly supported Color Temperature Configuration feature supports highly-precise adjustment of light color temperature. Meanwhile, the new Scene Library feature allows users to build a library of customized light scenes and select from a large online library offering presets for holidays and other themes.

On the health and wellness front, Tuya Smart is also showcasing its new Geographic Biorhythm Lighting feature. By using location sensors, smart lighting systems can now accurately mimic natural lighting suited for the room's geolocation, time of day, and season. Backed by sophisticated algorithms, this feature can transition lighting throughout the day and simulate the natural light from sunrise to sunset. The Geographic Biorhythm Lighting feature optimizes lighting to support a healthy biological clock and circadian rhythm, creating a healthy and more human-centric lighting experience. Human-centric lighting is not only perfect for offices but also for windowless rooms, and residential spaces, to help spaces optimize lighting for residents throughout the day.

With smart lighting feeling the impacts of global inflation and supply chain disruptions, it is more important than ever to select the best platform and partner for lighting development. Tuya Smart is a trusted global partner that empowers brands and OEMs to create affordable and impressive products that delight customers.

Taking full account of customers' demand for operational independence in different business stages, Tuya has launched the independent domain name service. This service enables customers to customize the domain name when transferring data from App and smart devices developed by the IoT development platform to the cloud. The data will go directly to the data centers of cloud providers such as AWS and Azure, and customers will have their own property rights and corresponding digital certificates. At the same time, it greatly reduces the data migration cost of customers switching to their private IoT platform mode through Cube Private Cloud.

With the endless customizations that smart lighting allows for, users and brands are looking for not only cutting-edge features but also ease of use and reliability. Tuya Smart's lighting solutions and systems allow brands and developers to smoothly control smart lighting devices from the convenience of a single app.

For the smart lighting industry, it's essential to keep up with the ever-transforming trends of connectivity standards. As a member of the Board of Directors of CSA, Tuya has played an important part in the development of Matter, the new industry-unifying standard, and has officially affirmed its support for the new protocol. This enables Tuya's ecosystem partners to be among the first companies to release Matter-compatible devices once the standard officially launches.

With a strong global track record and many Fortune 500 Global companies in the smart lighting space, Tuya Smart has established itself as a trusted partner for empowering rapid market and product expansions.

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Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA) is a leading technology company focused on making our lives smarter. Tuya does this through offering a cloud platform that connects a range of devices via the IoT. By building interconnectivity standards, Tuya bridges the intelligent needs of brands, OEMs, developers, and retail chains across a broad range of smart devices and industries. Tuya solutions empower partners and customers by improving the value of their products while making consumers' lives more convenient through the application of technology. Through its growing commercial SaaS business, Tuya offers intelligent business solutions for a wide range of verticals. The Company's platform is backed by industry-leading technology complete with rigorous data protection and security. Tuya partners with leading Fortune 500 companies from around the world to make things smarter, including Philips, Schneider Electric, Lenovo and many others.

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